Wednesday 25 April 2018

How skinny are your jeans? J. Crew defends its tiny size 000 denims

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

Fashion brand J.Crew has faced backlash for introducing a new size 000 to its market.

The US based brand has defended their decision to introduce a brand new size (its smallest size to date) which would fit women with a 23-inch waist.

A 23-inch waist is about the same circumference as a basketball.

According to the size chart, it’s the equivalent of an extra extra extra small (XXXS).

Fashionistas and commentators have pointed out that the impossibly skinny standard sets out a poor example of body image.

A post on retail website said: “What’s next, negative numbers?”

The popular American retailer has retaliated, saying the introduction of the petite size is to boost sales in its new stores in Asia.

A spokeswoman says the new size is only available in the company’s two stores in Hong Kong and online.

She told “We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small.

"To further put into perspective, these sizes add up to the smallest possible percentage of our overall sizing assortment.”

The brand does carry a wife variety of sizes, and goes up as far as a US size 20 (equivalent of a size 24).

That has prompted women to slam the retailer for apparent ‘vanity sizing’, questioning the sizing inconsistencies.

‘Vanity sizing’ refers to the use of clothing labels that are a size or two smaller than they really are to appeal to customers’ egos.

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