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Friday 13 December 2019

Faye Dinsmore says she's 'too old' for certain modelling 26

Model Faye Dinsmore ..KOB...22/3/11
Model Faye Dinsmore ..KOB...22/3/11
Faye Dinsmore is launching a new line of Aran jumpers
Faye Dinsmore hosted a Fashion Awards in 2011
Faye Dinsmore

Elaine McCahill

Top international model Faye Dinsmore is only 26 but feels like she's too old to land certain jobs in the modelling industry.

The stunning Trinity College graduate reveals that she won't even be sent to some castings because of her age but refuses to pretend that she's younger than she is.

"Most people don't realise that the majority of girls you see on the runway and in campaigns are still in their teens," she said.

"My age is an advantage when I'm actually on a shoot. Having a bit of life experience behind you is a good thing, and a photographer can definitely pick up on that. My age is my biggest disadvantage when it comes to even being considered for a lot of jobs," she continued.

Faye Dinsmore is launching a new line of Aran jumpers
Faye Dinsmore is launching a new line of Aran jumpers

"In my experience, there is so much work - so many clients, magazines, brands, etc - that you won't even be sent for a casting [when you're older]."

The Donegal native recently signed to Ford models in New York and hopes that being represented by them will lead her to landing big campaigns in the US.

Faye Dinsmore
Faye Dinsmore

"Signing with Ford Models NYC as a 26-year-old was kinda crazy. It's hard not to repeat how lucky I have been to meet such supportive, fantastic people throughout my time in this business," she revealed.

"Even though I am in my 20s, I am considered to be a new face in the US since I have never been exposed to that market.

Faye Dinsmore hosted a Fashion Awards in 2011
Faye Dinsmore hosted a Fashion Awards in 2011

"I am amazed at the positive client response I have gotten, considering it has only been a brief time so far.

"I hope to see job confirmations all over the US so I can explore new places and people," she added.

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Having already modelled for L'Oreal Faye's biggest goal for the future is to land a beauty campaign.

"My biggest goal is scoring a massive beauty contract. Girls with freckles are seriously under-represented in this industry.

"Modelling this time around, I know I'm older, so I hope I'm wiser. I want to make the most of all the opportunities I am given."

Faye took time out from modelling to finish her degree in Classics and French and only returned to the fashion industry because Ireland was suffering economically.

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"I worked as a model to pay my tuition fees. For someone who had little interest in building a career and little interest in fashion, I was incredibly lucky. I signed with IMG and worked with some incredible clients," she admitted.

"My plan was always to finish college when I had saved enough, and that's what I did. I didn't plan on returning to modelling after I finished my studies, but, you know...the recession happened. I've been blessed to slip back into modelling and pick up where I left off," she revealed.

Faye is engaged to Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave and says that while modelling can be a lonely career she gets to visit friends while travelling.

"Fortunately, as every Irish person emigrates, I have lots of friends from home living in London, Paris, etc.

"So usually when I fly somewhere for a job, I can catch up with someone at the same time.

"Modelling can be a lonely profession - it's a lot of traveling by yourself to countries where you don't speak the language.

"It makes a big difference to be able to grab a coffee with an old friend," she told fashion website Refinery 29.


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