Friday 23 March 2018

Cork-based supermodel Daria Werbowy: 'I'm comfortable with nude shoots'

Daria by Mikael Jansson
Daria by Mikael Jansson
Daria by Mikael Jansson for Salvatore Ferragamo

Daria Werbowy is comfortable shooting nude for photographer Mikael Jansson.

The Ukrainian-Canadian model has teamed up with Mikael for numerous fashion shoots throughout her career, with the latest being a spread in Interview magazine's September 2014 issue.

Daria by Mikael Jansson for Salvatore Ferragamo
Daria by Mikael Jansson for Salvatore Ferragamo

To accompany the stunning black and white photos, some of which show Daria sans clothes, a candid chat between the fashion stars is also printed.

In one shot Daria can be seen reclining on a boat with her face obscured by a poster of the 1967 Swedish movie I Am Curious.

Polish-Canadian model Daria Werbowy
Polish-Canadian model Daria Werbowy

“You take a lot of nudes. For me, I’m very comfortable nude with you. You have a perception of women that I think women appreciate. It’s very different from a random picture of a woman naked," Daria explained.

"Your perspective is more romantic and more respectful of the female body. It comes from a nice place. So, you obviously saw I Am Curious when you were younger. It was banned in a lot of places.”

Cork based supermodel Daria Werbowy shoots selfie campaign

“It was banned, but I think it was also the 12th most-seen film in America in 1969," Mikael confirmed.

Daria further comments on the fact nudity seems to be an issue Americans can't get over.

“Things are going backward, in a funny way," Mikael added.

Another striking photo from the shoot shows Daria wearing a black ensemble of long-sleeved top and head scarf, smoking a cigarette and cradling a glass of wine.

During their dialogue, Daria and Mikael spoke about a number of topics relevant to fashion. Subjects covered included the difficulty of putting a beautiful visual into words and how the best shots often arise from unexpected moments.

The 30-year-old model also spoke about the current obsession for retouching photos.

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“We get carried away with the technique and with what you can do. You get sort of blind," Mikael stated.

“Girls don’t have knees anymore. I didn’t know people thought knees were so ugly, but they wipe out all the knees. It’s all knee-less people," Daria laughed.

"I think it looks so great to see the real person. I’m not 14 anymore, and I think it’s so much more of a celebration of the human existence to see it the real way.”

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