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Fashion legend Tom Ford says his boyfriend of 25 years keeps him grounded


Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Designer says his relationship his proudest achievement

Tom Ford may be considered a fashion legend but the designer insists that he is extremely down to earth, thanks to his partner Richard.

He told ‘Grazia’ magazine: “ My feet are really kept on the ground by Richard Buckley, who I’ve been with for 25 years.

“Occasionally when I have someone in for an interview, a young student or someone who I’m interviewing for a new position, and I see their hand shake I realize that oh maybe I have this effect on people.

“ But I don’t think you can think of yourself in that way.”

He revealed his one of his proudest moment was December 2011 – his 25th anniversary with Richard..

“Being with the same person for 25 years, I’m very proud of and I have to say we’re happier and have a better relationship now than we did 25 years ago,” he said.

Professionally, he cites the screening of his film, ‘A Single Man’ at the Venice film festival as another proud moment, although he described as a ‘surreal experience’.

“You’re in this gigantic theatre that seats at least 1000 and at the end of the film they boo or they applaud and the entire audience just stood and applauded us for probably 10 minutes. I kinda almost don’t really remember it,” he said.

Tom also laid to rest the rumour the he will collaborate with high street store H & M..

"No, I’ve never had a conversation with them. I’m amused every time I read that. Not that I don’t have respect for them but I never had a conversation with them," he said.

And contrary to popular belief the designer, who is known for his snappy sartorial style and famously decreed that men should not wear shorts in the city does occasionally have dress down days.

“I am actually extremely casual in certain environments,”he said..“When I’m in the country, I wear a T-shirt and jeans. If I’m going to the beach, I wear shorts, you know! There’s an appropriate thing.”