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Would you pay €1,200 for these hi tops?



If you're in the market for a pair of one-of-a-kind hi tops with €1,200 to spare, you're in luck.

Buscemi have just launched their 100mm gold plated hi-top trainer and Harvey Nichols' Dundrum store has the pair for you.


The shoes are described as 'obnoxiously high quality' with 18kt gold-plated hardware and hand painted edges.

But bad news ladies, they're only available for men.

These aren't kicks to throw on in a hurry as it features a three-piece mechanical closure and lock to keep your feet set in the shoe.

The brand already has A-list fans including Justin Bieber, Diddy and Kanye West, obviously.

Creative director and designer Jon Buscemi creates the shoes in Civitanova, Italy.

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