Wednesday 21 March 2018

The essential guide to occasion wear

Nikki Cummins Black looks at what's hot in fashion ahead of this summer's big soirees

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller
Nicole Kidman
Blazer, €69.95, Zara
River Island bag, €25
Kerry Washington
Trousers, €39.95, Zara

Nikki Cummins Black

The summer social season is upon us, but with a lot of our hard and fast fashion rules having been turned on their heads, don't be confused if you are left wondering what to wear to all the fabulous soirees you will be invited to.

Who would have thought we'd be wearing jumpsuits, of all things, to swanky parties? The one-piece has supplanted the cocktail dress and is now our go-to wardrobe hero. Similarly, for the dress-phobic, the tailored suit is no longer the preserve of high-flying lawyers - wear it with a funky pair of trainers and you can look cool without trying too hard.

Sienna Miller

Garden party


Summer wedding


Open air gig


Cocktail party

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