Tuesday 15 October 2019

Style Crush Sunday: 10 fashionable Irish girls to follow on Instagram

Freya Drohan

Casting an eye over some of Ireland's most fashion forward females.

1. Lauren Bejaoui

This young lady needs no introduction. Before she had even sat her Leaving Certificate, the innately stylish model had already completed interviews about her fashion sense with multiple Irish publications and worked with major international brands. With 20,000 followers, her profile continues to rise.


Follow @LaurenBejaoui

2. Clementine MacNeice

If you want to know what's hot on the high street, follow RTE stylist Clementine. Her Instagram feed shows off not only her own chic and classic sense of style and her travels, but also a bird's eye view into what's trending in the industry.


Follow @ClementineMacNeice

3. Danielle Byrne

Beauty PR maven Danielle has the boho wardrobe of our dreams. Follow her for inspiration on how to channel the 1970s folk trend - without looking naff.

danielle byrne.PNG

Follow @Danielle_Byr

4. Roisin Thora

Youtuber Roisin has racked up over 7,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform. She favours a 1990s and tomboy aesthetic - so expect lots of duster coats, boyfriend shirts and Birkenstocks.

roisin thora.PNG

Follow @RoisinThora

5. Niamh Doherty

You might recognise Niamh as the trendy right-hand-woman of reigning blog queen Pippa O'Connor. The fashion writer might be mostly behind the scenes, but her own style is no less elegant and sophisticated than her boss.

niamh doherty.PNG

Follow @NiamhDoherty

6. Emma Louise Tighe

Dancer Emma Louise works at hip Temple Bar boutique Folkster, so you can be guaranteed that her own outfits are equally as trendy but in her own unique and individual way.


Follow @EmmaLouiseTighe

7. Alexandra Coptil

Computer scientist Alexandra has already won awards for her blog. Follow her beautifully simplistic feed for lifestyle, fashion, health and nutrition posts.

alexandra coptil.PNG

Follow @Alexandra_Coptil

8. Lorna Ruane

Aside from her great personal style, Irish blogger Lorna has the added benefit of having New York City as a background in her fashion posts. Follow her for a fly-on-the-wall view of a colourful life in the Big Apple.


Follow @LCsCloset

9. Kate V

With her girl-next-door style, Kate is reminiscent of bubbly 1980s and 1990s beauties such as Pamela Anderson and Claudia Schiffer.

kate v.PNG

Follow @KateV666

10. Jessica Garland-Blake

Irish fashion designer Jessica currently lives across the pond, where she is studying at the London College of Fashion. Follow her feed which is full of artfully captured fashion, art, lifestyle and foodie posts.


Follow @IHaveThisThingFor


Compiled by @freyadro

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