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So Over: Demanding Trends





In summer, we can all accept that we've got to work a bit harder at the sartorial demands like bare legs and baring the midriff, but when winter rolls in, it is generally accepted that we can let ourselves go a bit.

Not so this season, as difficult trends like minimal make-up and the dreaded boiler suits were all over the catwalks, not to mention neoprene. This is the devil's fabric, which adds exactly two inches all over to anyone who believes they can pull it off. Hint: if a fashion moment makes models look chunky, we're going to look chunky, too.

It's just all pretty unattainable for the average fem. We're exhausted just getting out of bed in the morning, never mind spending hours poring over the face to achieve a 'no-make-up effect'. Unfortunately, we can't all be Vogue Williams, seen right pulling off the notoriously difficult boiler suit, and in denim to boot. Oh well, guess it's in the jeans.

Sunday Independent