Wednesday 17 January 2018

Helena Christensen: How to look good in your lingerie

Helena Christensen: Lingerie should be a lovely start to the day.
Helena Christensen: Lingerie should be a lovely start to the day.

Supermodel Helena Christensen imparts her wisdom on choosing the right items and the importance of having a confident attitude.

Your new ritual

Lingerie is the first thing you put on at the start of the day, so you should make it a lovely little moment that makes you smile. Getting ready is a nice ritual, and if you do have a little extra time, try to make the most of it. I love the Middle Eastern traditions of cleansing yourself, applying body oils and really indulging. It may sound over the top, but try lighting a candle in the morning while getting ready, whether you have five minutes or 50 minutes. Even if you can only manage it once a week, there's something about the scent and the low, flickering light that's good for early starts. It means that, whatever else happens in the day, at least you had a nice beginning.

Comfort is key

One of the main things when looking for lingerie is finding something that works for your shape. Try it on in the shop and make sure it's comfortable. Both shape and comfort are crucial. You can buy something really fancy with intricate detailing and nice lace, but you still need to feel as though it accentuates the right places of your body, and that it feels good to wear, which is why I prefer non-wired bras. You never want to feel as if you're wearing restrictive lingerie; it should just feel nice, and give you a good silhouette.

A new hue

Many women hold themselves back from colours beyond black and nude as they don't think they'll look good on them. I 
think coloured lingerie is brilliant. Also, many lingerie straps are just elastic 
and really boring, even when the cups 
are nice. So try different colours and 
keep an eye out for quality straps, as 
I find I quite like it when a little bra strap 
is on show. It's a shame they're always 
so hidden.

No more matchy-matchy

I never really match my lingerie sets - or my socks, for that matter. I never have 
the time and always think, 'why does it have to match?' It's actually inspiring to mix pieces, and nothing is ever clean at the same time, anyway. Look for lingerie sets that would be good to mix and match, rather than wearing designer pieces 
from top to toe, which can feel quite 
strict and corporate. They're beautiful, 
but as soon as I mix them with other 
pieces, it immediately makes me feel 
more relaxed.

Sensual not sexy

I never want to look 'sexy' in my underwear - and if you do have someone in your life, isn't it better to look pretty and sensual than sexy? I like vintage lingerie. In my eyes, soft, faded colours and pretty shapes are definitely more appealing than your typically sexy, red-lingerie set. And, of course, once you have got the lingerie 
set sorted, it's all about having a confident attitude.

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