Friday 16 November 2018

Evolution of the Bikini: How swimwear changed from 1890-2015

Freya Drohan

Actress, model and online comedian Amanda Cerny shows us how the styles of bikinis and one pieces changed dramatically between decades.

The Hollywood based blogger and Playmate teamed up with Breathless Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic to show just how far swimwear has come in the last century.

In an age where so many young women can become world famous lingerie and swimsuit models by simply creating an Instagram photo sharing account, it is funny to hark back to a time when even beach attire was modest and concealed most of the female form.

Take a look at the evolution of beachwear, from waterproof breaches at the turn of the century, to the radical introduction of a two piece, and high cut athletic inspired one pieces.

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