Wednesday 22 May 2019

Dreamy elegance - a new Irish fashion concept


'Ryad' kaftan in 'Medine' print, €450, Kaftan Dreams. Resin earrings, €290, Marni, Brown Thomas Jewellery Hall. Photo: Sean Jackson
'Ryad' kaftan in 'Medine' print, €450, Kaftan Dreams. Resin earrings, €290, Marni, Brown Thomas Jewellery Hall. Photo: Sean Jackson
'Ryad' kaftan in 'Safrane' print, €450, Kaftan Dreams. Camisole (worn underneath), €245, Vince, Seagreen. Earrings, €99, Juvi
'Maddy' silk georgette kaftan with habutai silk trim in 'Medine' print, €400, Kaftan Dreams.

Kaftan Dreams is an original, and very beautiful, new Irish fashion concept. An exclusively online label, it offers a luxury service of bespoke silk pieces, ordered by you, according to your taste and preferences, that arrive, beautifully gift-wrapped, within three weeks.

The garments in question are based on the kaftan. But these are no ordinary kaftans as I, or you, know them. In the hands of Kaftan Dreams, the kaftan is something uniquely womanly, and thus mysterious and very special. This is luxury for the modern age.

Kaftan Dreams is the dream-turned-reality of Anissa Perkins. From Casablanca originally, Anissa worked in Paris for Giorgio Armani for 15 years, before coming to live in Dublin with her Irish husband to raise their family.

With her background, it is to be expected that Anissa is discerning and knowledgeable when it comes to quality, luxury and beauty. She also values her heritage.

"My dream was that I wanted every woman to have a special piece in her wardrobe. Something different, uniquely created for her," Anissa explains in her attractive, sing-song French-accented English. "I wanted women to have something that a woman can recognise herself in. That is unique, different, feminine - as she is.

"In Ireland and the UK, they don't know the kaftan so well. But that is changing," she says. "Kaftans, they are being worn to the beach, and to parties. It is not just for the boudoir."

(Though that might be a good idea.)

The Kaftan Dreams website is very clear and easy to navigate. Anissa has designed six different kaftans, some hooded (the Taylor), some with cold shoulders (the Sally), and one beautiful style (the Fanny) that is softly belted and ripples as you walk. There are 10 original prints designed by Anissa, on fine silk habutai, chiffon and georgette. There are subtle trims to add glamour - or not. It's all your choice. You can layer your pieces. You can design one to integrate with your existing wardrobe. Or create a unique Kaftan Dreams wardrobe in its own right - a heavenly idea.

"When we go into our wardrobe, we often think, 'I am not sure I am going to fit in this or that'. The kaftan is a pleasure dress to wear from all point of views. It will always fit. It always forgives," Anissa says. "The beauty for me is that they are the easiest outfits to wear. They are comfy and elegant, and they are just one long dress, so you do not need to worry about the top, the back. It is an outfit that is elegant in itself."

Photography by Sean Jackson

Styling by Jan Brierton

Fashion edited by Constance Harris

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