Tuesday 24 October 2017

Do celebs really need freebies?

Mary-Kate Olsen and Simon Doonan
Mary-Kate Olsen and Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan doesn't agree with the culture of celebrities receiving free gowns.

Simon, the creative ambassador-at-large of New York clothing store Barneys, fumes that stars should be paying for the expensive dresses they wear to awards shows as they can afford it.

Following Sunday's Golden Globes, one of the fashion highlights of the calendar year, Simon claims igh-profile women are too scared to be daring with fashion for fear of an online backlash.

"I don't understand how people can get it up for gowns. It's highly-paid actors wearing free clothes that are given to them," he mused to nymag.com.

"And they're the only people on earth who really need to buy gowns (and actually need to buy and have the money), but they get them for free - illogical - and [are] representing brands in a way which is not particularly representative of a brand. It's very hard to tell who did what dress, because actors all want them to be very simple because they don't want to be made fun of in the blogosphere."

At the Sunday night awards show Hayden Panettiere bucked the borrowing trend, opting to buy the monochrome Tom Ford dress that she wore.

But this example is rare and Simon says celebrities are becoming disconnected with fashion

"The whole thing is riddled with paradoxes and doesn't seem to be very connected to fashion. It's something else, it's become its own thing. But I'm worried that people are going to think that that's what fashion is, and fashion is Gaultier and Comme des Garçons and Dries Van Noten. It's creativity and design and fashion," he added.

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