Saturday 17 March 2018

Darren Kennedy: Style dilemma

Foreve r 21€22.90
Foreve r 21€22.90

Q: Hi, I’m doing maternity cover on reception in my brother-in-law’s office. The other day, he told me I needed to change how I’m dressing for work. I had been wearing my goingout clothes so that I’d look the part.

It’s my first time working in an office, so I wasn’t sure. I now need a few bits that would be suitable for the office, and have about €75 to spend. Do you have any suggestions? Mandy (24), Limerick

A: Knowing what to wear when working in an office for the first time can be tricky. It’s about striking the right balance between your own personal taste and what is appropriate for that environment. A good rule of thumb to begin with is not to reveal too much flesh. Forever 21 has a collection of versatile day dresses, such as this belted printed one for a very pursefriendly €22.90. The cool, relaxed aesthetic is perfect for a semi-casual office and you can blend it with your own style. Wear it with a blazer on days when you need to appear more formal.

It would also be worth buying a couple of shirts and blouses that you can wear with jeans or trousers for more relaxed days. TK Maxx currently has a very reasonably priced selection including this green wrap shirt (€29.99), which is young and vibrant while being office-appropriate. The same can be said for this rust-coloured, lace-insert blouse (€35) from alwear.

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