Tuesday 12 November 2019

Cult product

cult product


Triona McCarthy

So, these lovely lassies from West Cork got in touch with me on Twitter to tell me about their brand-new company in Castletownbere.

As I'm from the 32nd county myself, I was only delighted to help out.

These clever clogs have designed a I-wonder-what-I-did-without-it product for creating fab, flawless flicks every time, when you're using eyeliner.

Apply a Flicket! sticker, left, €1.99 per pack, diagonally under your eye, then follow the line of the sticker to achieve the look you thought only a make-up artist could create. There's an instructional video on the website, but it's so easy!

I'm impressed. Go west Cork women!

See www.flicketliner.com

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