Thursday 21 November 2019

Couturiers come into their own with some eye-catching outfits


PRESIDENT Mary McAleese greeted the queen wearing a magenta matching dress and coat.

It was executed in fine English wool by leading Irish couturiers Niall Tyrrell and Donald Brennan at their salon in Dublin's Pembroke Street.

The eye-catching outfit had a fine, pleated satin ribbon in the vertical seams which has a very slimming effect.

The coat also featured ribbon piping around the arm holes, another signature look for the designers who made a square-necked, slightly longer dress for under the coat.

The President uses the talented duo frequently, and she wore one of their black lace over slate-blue satin coats when she met the queen in Hillsborough Castle two years ago this month.

Later, Mrs McAleese changed into a Deborah Veale black coat and dress to go to the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square.

The lightweight silk and wool mix fabric featured a slightly raised, quilted weave and the collar revers and front were piped in white.

The Monkstown-based designer created an elegant black silk dress with tone-on-tone piping, and the President accessorised the look with black court shoes, dark tights and grey pearls.

For her second outfit, the queen wore a gleaming oatmeal coloured coat with a sweeping, curve front decorated with appliqued floral embellishment in taupe.

The queen's dress and hat were made in the same glistening fabric and her hat was trimmed in taupe and featured a matching flower.

As always, the queen accessorised with a brooch from her extensive collection.

This time she chose a ruby and gold one worn with three strands of pearls at her neck and the same patent black shoes as before, ideal for tackling the large number of steps.

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