Wednesday 15 August 2018

Comfort creature


Waffle-knit cashmere sweater, €245, Lucy Nagle. Silk dress, €278, Iris & Ink,
Waffle-knit cashmere sweater, €245, Lucy Nagle. Silk dress, €278, Iris & Ink,
Thick cashmere cardigan, €335, Lucy Nagle. Silk-satin slip, €310, Selite, Susan Hunter
Cashmere hoody, €265, Lucy Nagle. Silk camisole, €120; matching silk shorts, €75, both Susan Hunter. Socks, €11, Marks & Spencer
Fine-weave cashmere scarf, €195; waffle-knit cashmere sweater, €245, both Lucy Nagle
Star-print cashmere sweater, €295, Lucy Nagle. Briefs, €11; socks, €11, both Marks & Spencer

Truly, anything in pink cashmere is utterly gorgeous - to have, to wear. For Irish cashmere specialist Lucy Nagle, spring/summer 2018 could only be pink. "I love pink," Lucy explains simply. "What woman doesn't?"

I agree. I once gave a talk on colour, explaining how green represents the heart chakra and healing. Afterwards, a woman came up to me and told me that pink represented the feminine aspect of the heart. I have noticed women wear pink when they feel a need for softness and tenderness, even from themselves. Modern life being so rough, anything that supports us is to be welcomed.

When Lucy Nagle launched her cashmere collection at Brown Thomas Create in 2013, she identified that busy women needed easy-to-wear knitwear, but they wanted luxury and quality, and all in a season's newest, favourite colours. It was a recipe Fashion Director Shelly Corkery could not pass up for the Brown Thomas customer. Five years on, and Lucy Nagle cashmere is now a staple, alongside J Brand jeans and Gucci trainers.

"I think the success of the label is because it is based on feeling comfortable in the daytime but also looking smart. We are all so busy, so active, moving around so much." Lucy tells me. "A lot of people do wear Lucy Nagle cashmere at the weekend, as their weekend wear. But equally, a lot of women wear it to work and to dinner after, because cashmere is so light and comfortable. When people order online, we give them a cashmere-care card explaining how to store it, how to wash it, not to wring it. If you look after cashmere, it will last forever."

Lucy Nagle cashmere is an always-compact collection of tops and sweaters, generally in lightweight cashmere, though there are some thick cashmere cardigans, sweatshirt styles and fine wraps. This season, the collection comes in sensual pinks, creams and oatmeal. Details are minimal and non-distracting - contrast-colour patch pockets and stars, judiciously applied. Lucy tends to do two types of fit - figure-flattering, or loose and away from the body. Her customers are every female, be they sweet 16 or natty 90-year-olds.

"Cashmere is super light and warm, and any colour in it is softer, kinder to the face and skin," explains Lucy. "Older women really appreciate cashmere for that."

This April, Lucy Nagle launches an all-new collection of cotton and bamboo T-shirts in every conceivable shape - scoop, round, V-neck, roll-sleeve, etc. That's another wardrobe problem solved. Go Lucy Nagle!

Photography by Alex Hutchinson

Styling by Courtney Smith

Fashion edited by Constance Harris

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