Tuesday 20 February 2018

Closet Confidential: Sean Musanje

Sean Munsanje
Sean Munsanje

Angela Scanlon

Sean Munsanje is the winner of "Total Xposure", the search for TV3’s new Xpose presenter. A natural from the start Sean was the bookies favourite and is fast becoming every woman’s 6pm guilty pleasure! I chatted to him about his Tom Ford crush, X-Works jeans and his Bond moment.

First fashion memory

I’ve loved fashion since I can remember, but my first memory would be begging my Mum to get me a pair of Levis 501’s very early in the 90’s. I got them in the end when my mum bought them in the States and I thought all my Christmas’ had come at once.

Favourite designer label


Favourite high street store

Hilfiger Denim, River Island, Jack and Jones.

Best bargain buy

A pair of Guess jeans I just bought in an outlet store in Boston for 10 euro last week.

Most expensive item in your wardrobe

Prada man bag from BT. It was stupid expensive and it can only be justified by temporary insanity. But I love it and we’re all allowed to go a little crazy sometimes!

Top of your wish list

A short Burberry mac. Amazing but that’s going to take a lot of saving, so we’ll see.

Most stylist moment

I love what I wore to the VIP style awards this year. I dressed up, as I was nominated. Louis Copeland kindly dressed me in velvet smoking jacket with a silver cravat and Hugo Boss trousers. I felt like a trendy James Bond!

Biggest fashion faux pas

X works jeans in the 90’s. Enough said.

Style icon

Tom Ford. His suits are amazing anyway, but his own style is very understated and simple, usually an unbelievable fitted black suit with big lapels, a crisp large collared white shirt, and a small touch (like a white corsage at the Oscars) that is subtle but has a huge impact. Genius.

Era you’d love to have lived in

The 60’s. I think fashion was so versatile and interesting back then, even for men. Lots of colour, mini skirts and big prints, it was all about rebellion and expression so fashion would have been fun.

Fashion or style

I’m of the Yves Saint Lauren school of thought… ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’. If you can develop your own style by just knowing what you like and what suits you then you’re far better off than just following fashion trends. You can of course mix the two and have some touches of trends in your outfit, but the trend has to match your overall style in the first place. Otherwise your fighting a losing battle.

Finally, what did you have for breakfast this morning!?

I missed breakfast this morning. Too busy figuring out three different outfits to wear on different Xpose shoots today!

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