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Closet confidential - Holly White


Holly White

Holly White

Holly White

Holly White has been a weekly contributor to one of Ireland's most read publications, the Independent Weekend magazine, since graduating from the renowned University of the Arts London in 2008. You may recognise that gorgeous face from Irish Mocumentary "Dan and Becs" and Holly has recently been on the TV scene once again with appearances on RTE’s The Afternoon Show and The Panel.

She takes a time out to talk all things fashion…

First fashion memory

My first fashion memory is of making my communion. I remember feeling very special draped in chiffon with my little white gloves and French plait topped off with my crucifix that I still wear a lot. I felt angelic on the day and loved all the fuss and sense of reverence.

Otherwise, the first time I really noticed fashion as an art form was when I was about 16 and Kate Moss was coming on to the Radar and 70's influenced Gucci was all the rage. I remember the Testino shots of Amber Valetta in the velvet hipsters and silk shirts in the Gucci campaign. It took it to a whole new level of emotional involvement for me. From that moment on watching catwalk shows or reading fashion magazines was important.

Favourite designer label

I love Marc by Marc Jacobs. There's something wonderful about the scruffy luxe aesthetic he favours that suits me. When I am in his clothes I look like the girl I want to be. Otherwise I love Sonia Rykiel - Parisian chic with a sense of humour.

Best bargain buy

I was given €100 to spend on eBay for an article and I took it really seriously and did so much research. The best thing I got was a denim Marc Jacobs pinafore dress for €33. I don't think the seller really knew what she was dealing with.

Most expensive item in your wardrobe

I have a Balenciaga bag and a Prada wallet, both of which I use every day and love. I think it's important to invest in things you will use all the time and these are great examples of that.

Top of your wish List

A Chanel 2.55 or some Chanel pumps. I also love Les Chiffoniers trousers and Ksubi Jeans.

Most stylist moment

Perhaps presenting a Meteor award in 2007. I wore a vintage silk nightdress my mum had dyed blue the night before. I loved that everyone was in their designer gear and I was just in a nightie and doing my own thing. That was such a fun night.

Style icon

Alexa Chung. Immaculate make up, great hair, and style to beat the band. She just looks cool full stop. I also love the Olsen twins and a DJ called Leigh Lezark from a NY based DJ trio The Mishapes.

Favourite high street store

Topshop is always great for bits and bobs and its footwear is really cool. On a cheaper level Penny's is full of cheap thrills. The latter is more relevant at the moment to me.

Fashion or style

Always style. I can't afford fashion, yet.

Finally, what did you have for breakfast this morning!?

Berries, muesli and bio yogurt, and green tea.