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Cate Blanchett: She Wears It Well


Cate Blanchett. Photo: Getty Images

Cate Blanchett. Photo: Getty Images

Cate Blanchett. Photo: Getty Images

Cate Blanchett debuts spring's relaxed tailoring trend in Dries Van Noten.

How clever of Cate Blanchett to match her shade of lipstick with the red carpet at this watch fair in Geneva. It transforms her sharp but casual monochrome choice into something purposeful and fun. It says: 'Yes, I am a woman serious about the serious business of watches (and those watch boys are serious, man) but hey, lest you forget, I'm a movie star too!' And yeah, yeah, Tilda Swinton would have done it without the lippy but while I'm sure there's something admirable in Swinton's make-up free rule it's a bit boring, innit?

Blanchett's look is by Dries Van Noten, who has made big white trousers the keystone of his spring/summer 2011 collection. Don't groan, embrace! White trousers are easier and more flattering than you might think. I am the world's biggest scruff and I once did a whole spring and summer in one pair of boy-fit white trousers that I found in a Gap sale in LA. (If you doubt my style credentials, as well you might, a tres chic fashion editor from ELLE bought some too, so there).

And honestly, no one really notices the muddy puddle splashes up the backs of your legs. Or at least if they do you can pretty much count on them being too polite to point them out. Particularly if you're Cate Blanchett.