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Cartier Video: Short film 'L'Odyssée de Cartier' celebrates their rich history


165 years of history come together in Cartier's first short film 'L'Odyssée de Cartier' which premieres worldwide today.

'L'Odyssée de Cartier' is a visual spectacular of cutting edge special effects, which explores the fine jeweller's archives and back-story in a bid to showcase the brand to both existing customers, emerging markets and a new generation.

"This project has been treated like a real movie," Cartier UK's executive chairman Arnaud M.Bamberger explained at a preview screening at Cartier's London HQ last week, "we wanted the best special effects, a big director, an incredible model and props to intertwine with our incredible history.

"We wanted a movie we would be proud to show to Steven Spielberg".

Well as promotional videos go, you have to hand it to Cartier, L'Odyssée de Cartier really is a no-expense-spared mini-masterpiece.

The three and a half minute film follows the iconic symbol of the brand - the panther - on a whirlwind trip around the globe where he brushes with key moments and locations from Cartier's rich history.

The panther itself is steeped in history. 'La Panthère' being the nickname of Catier's legendary designer Jeanne Toussaint who created their first ever piece of panther jewellery - a bracelet for the Duchess of Windsor.

The panther travels to St Petersburg in the snow, to China where he comes face-to-face with a golden dragon, to an Indian palace built upon an elephant's back and filled with glittering animal jewellery (many pieces of which reside in the Cartier archive), before leaping aboard the wings of and identical replica of the airplane built by Alberto Santos-Dumont, to showcase the classic Cartier Santos watch (first commissioned by the Brazilian aviation legend in 1904).

The panther finally lands in Paris, the birthplace of Cartier, on Place Vendôme where he meets supermodel Shalom Harlow at the Grand Palais.

The film, Cartier's first genuine foray into the world of screen advertising will be shown at 800 UK cinema screenings and on television in 12 countries around the globe including the US, China and South America.

"We want to build up an awareness of Cartier worldwide to give us hige impact around the world," Bamberger explained, "It's not a commercial decision, more a celebration of our history and a chance for us to bring that to a wider audience".