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Antoni & Alison kick off London Fashion Week


Antoni & Alison, London Fashion Week.

Antoni & Alison, London Fashion Week.

Antoni & Alison, London Fashion Week.

Antoni & Alison kicked off London Fashion Week using a marching band this morning.

The label opened the UK leg of shows, opting to do so in a slightly different way to usual. Designers Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts opted to entertain the rows of fashion industry professionals before the models took to the runway, sending a brass band clad in red jackets, black trousers with a red stripe and white hard hats down the catwalk first.

The choice wasn’t as crazy as it sounds, as the duo apparently listened to such music when creating their Spring/Summer 13 line.

The artistic pair went all out to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Inspired by “hand rendered art works, drawn and painted with our own hands,” models wore a range of pastel shades. Many of them looked like they had been sprayed with cans.

Embellishment was also a big look, so one dress boasted a black mini skirt and a pink top, gently fading to grey on one side as if it had been spritzed with paint. Down the front gold and hot pink jewels were the focal points.

Dresses were the order of the day. Some were simple white affairs with an almost animal print stuck over the top, while others were more grungy and featured scribble down the sides.

Later, the designers switched to bolder hues. Bright orange, yellow and red all featured, often mashed together to form a soup of colour.

Caroline Charles also took to the runway this morning. A monochrome palette added a touch of class to proceedings, with lace a big look. One model boasted a black maxi skirt which clung to her curves, paired with a black lace top and chandelier earrings. The skirt was one of the biggest looks on the runway, mostly boasting a high front split and occasionally teamed with pink or turquoise for a quick colour pop.

Capri pants were a surprise inclusion, coupled with a long-sleeved lace white top which almost looked like a doily.

Another look saw a full maxi skirt paired with a lace-trimmed camisole and short brimmed hat – most of the models boasted headwear of some kind.

PPQ and Sass & Bide will present at London Fashion Week later today.