Monday 23 April 2018

Alexa Chung: She wears it well

Alexa Chung at the W London launch. Photo: PA
Alexa Chung at the W London launch. Photo: PA

Kate Finnegan

Denim cut-offs, denim shirt, duffle coat? Is what Alexa Chung wore to last night's opening of London's W hotel a fashion first?

Actually, probably not. I mean, we've got to a stage now where we're all so familiar with Alexa Chung's mix-it-up, throw-it-on English style - classic masculine garment (a brogue, an oversized breton, a duffle coat) plus luxury bag (Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry, Chanel) plus clumpy shoe - that my mum's practically doing it. (Although, I think my mum's got more Mulberry bags than Chung).

Still, we copy it because it works. I love this cheeky look. I'm not sure how long one can nonchalantly balance a duffle coat on the shoulders - probably just long enough to pose for the paps - but it's the kind of tomboy statement I do like to see a girl making.

Of course, it works particularly well for Chung because she's got the fashionable physique to underpin it all.

The key piece in this look is the pair of long, lean, bare tanned legs. They make all the difference.

In skinny jeans Chung would be popping down to the Student Union. With legs like those she's West End only.

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