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Alexa Chung loves jumpsuits and gift bags


Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung likes wearing jumpsuits, even though she gets called a "man mechanic" in them.

The British TV presenter is known for her vintage-inspired, quirky style, and has become one of the most copied women when it comes to creating a cool-yet-practical aesthetic.

Alexa loves to wear jumpsuits, and doesn’t understand why people dislike the versatile attire.

“Most people don’t get the jumpsuit thing. They don’t understand why you’d want to look like a man mechanic,” she told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show. “I think it has its own charm, and I also think it’s a good test of how into fashion people are. It’s deliberately ugly I think.”

Alexa is a style icon to many women. The stunning star feels a certain amount of pressure when it comes to the coveted label.

“I mean, it depends which day it is. Sometimes I think about the bigger picture and sometimes I think about, ‘I need to get milk,’ and I don’t care what I’m wearing. It’s annoying because sometimes I haven’t washed my hair or I’m a bit hungover. Maybe I’m on the walk of shame, and then they’re taking pictures. You can’t really describe the context to people.

“Thankfully I rarely dress like a sl*t,” she laughed. “There is a bit of pressure. Once you’ve been labelled something, you have to try and keep it coming.”

Alexa regularly gets sent designer gear from a range of fashion houses. The 27-year-old star has revealed she regularly looked up to Kate Moss, and has glad her career has seen some of the success Kate has achieved.

“They’re very generous,” she said of the gifts from fashion houses.

“I used to be a model with Storm, and they look after Kate Moss, so when I was a teenager I used to see all these bags of gifts coming in for Kate Moss and I was so jealous. It’s really nice to get things now.”

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