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Age shouldn’t influence how you dress, says fashion icon Twiggy





Mod furious the fashion industry seemingly tells older women how to dress.

The 62-year-old model has created her own line of clothing for British retailer Marks and Spencer and went to great lengths to ensure it contains fashionable pieces suitable for all ages.

The star is bored of seeing stylish clothes which are seemingly only for the younger generation.

“It makes me cross when people say you need to start dressing a certain way when you reach a certain age. It's almost as if an ad agency years ago set the demographics. How dare they?” she fumed. “I'm 62 but that doesn't influence how I dress. You should never get too serious about fashion. Clothes should be comfortable yet stylish. This may mean you have to break out of a rut, but be brave and buy outside your comfort zone.”

Although Twiggy wants to look stylish, she isn’t a slave to trends. She has advised women to follow her lead and find the staple pieces which flatter their figures.

She loves seeing females in one-of-a-kind pieces and gave some tips to follow when shopping for that key item.

“So much of dressing well is down to the texture of clothing. When it comes to shopping, your sense of touch is so important. I will often go into shops and think something's pretty from a distance, only to find it's horrid when I go up and touch it,” she told British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’. “It doesn't mean you can only ever wear silks and cottons - some manmade fabrics, such as rayon, are gorgeous. It's just about feeling the fabric and making sure it doesn't feel like plastic.”