Tuesday 12 December 2017

Fashion: Edited to purpose

Swimsuit, €49; print sarong, €19, both The Edit Holiday Collection
Swimsuit, €49; print sarong, €19, both The Edit Holiday Collection
Cardigan, €59; shorts €49; sandals, €99, all The Edit Holiday Collection
Coat, €129; bikini top, €35; matching bikini bottoms, €25, all The Edit Holiday Collection; chunky sunglasses, €3, Dunnes Stores
T-shirt, €49; drawstring pants, €59; shoes, €79, all The Edit Holiday Collection; hat, €8, Dunnes Stores
Dress, €109, The Edit Holiday Collection
Coat, €159; singlet, €39; drawstring pants, €59; sandals, €109; leather tote, €119; all The Edit Holiday Collection
Dress, €69; bikini top, €35, both The Edit Holiday Collection
Dress, €89, The Edit Holiday Collection; hat, €8, Dunnes Stores

Constance Harris

Women are perceived as loving shopping - and most of us do. But when it comes to organising our wardrobes and working out what we need for a holiday, we put our heads in the sand and fill our suitcases to bursting.

The root problem is that we have so much stuff, it confuses and overwhelms us; we fail to perceive what we have and what we need, and so we buy more. This is especially true of summer wardrobes.

Carolyn Donnelly, creative director of Dunnes Stores, sees the challenge of holiday wardrobes as being not just about organisation, but also choice, in that we are not offered the right pieces to meet all our holiday needs.

When this problem of finding the 'perfect' holiday wardrobe raised its head for Carolyn last year, she decided to tackle it for herself and Dunnes Stores customers. The excellent and satisfying result is The Edit Holiday Collection.

"There are so many components to the holiday wardrobe," Carolyn explains. "Even finding a good swimsuit or a bikini can take so much effort. Last summer, I was on holiday and I noticed this woman who, every day, was dressed really cool, really well - even by the pool. She seemed to have all the perfect pieces for her holiday.

"This really stuck with me - having the perfect holiday wardrobe that met all your needs, from days by the pool, to days walking, sightseeing, to evenings out in a nice restaurant. A wardrobe that would make packing easier and that would give you the confidence to know you had everything you needed," she says.

"That is what The Edit Holiday Collection sets out do - give you everything you need to look good and feel good on your holiday."

Over the years, I have often heard the phrase 'holiday wardrobe' from stores, when it just meant swimwear. Carolyn's interpretation of it really is the true deal.

First of all, Carolyn chose all natural fabrics, which make navigating heat easier, so pure linen, cotton, viscose, bamboo, leather and suede are the fabrics of choice, resulting in a summer collection with a luxurious feel.

The next important element is that the collection hits all the marks when it comes to needs. Carolyn has created simple styles in swimwear in black and khaki and complimentary wraps and kaftan dresses to go with them. For day, there are flattering wrap dresses; smart linen pieces, in easy-to-wear shorts, trousers that are neat (and don't make you look like an elephant, as most linen trousers seem to be designed to do), and shirt dresses; pretty cotton knitwear, tops, and so on.

A classy short leather jacket and a similar style in suede, two gorgeous day coats, coordinating bags and footwear result in The Edit Holiday Collection being a stylish, comprehensive collection to meet our summer needs.

Photography by Daniel Holfeld

Styling by Roxanne Parker

Fashion edited by Constance Harris

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