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Clare's got stars in her eyes


That's the style: Clare Devereux says everyone 'can be glamorous and polished.' Photo Gerry Mooney

That's the style: Clare Devereux says everyone 'can be glamorous and polished.' Photo Gerry Mooney

That's the style: Clare Devereux says everyone 'can be glamorous and polished.' Photo Gerry Mooney

Many of the biggest names in showbusiness in Dublin, London and LA have passed through her expert hands, but glam stylist Clare Devereux was particularly impressed by the late Patrick Swayze, star of Dirty Dancing. "He was an absolute gentleman," she says. "I interviewed and styled him for NBC Extra, but he was sick with pancreatic cancer, so was slimmer than normal. I also loved Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, and worked with him when he was doing X-Men. He was very charismatic and his ex-wife, Camille, was lovely. They were great together, and I was shocked when they divorced."

The pretty, effervescent Clare is from Rathgar, Dublin. Her brother Brian is a former TV presenter, and her actress sister, Gemma-Leah, plays lead female Lola in Get Up and Go, which is in Irish cinemas on May 1. Clare has worked on many top shows in LA, both on and off-screen, when she lived there with her supportive husband, Dara Tallon. They met in their teens while working as runners in RTE, and were married nine years ago. Dara is series producer of a new series on SKY, and was co-creator of TV3's Tallafornia.

Clare's interest in fashion and beauty began when she worked in her mum Irene's hair salon, the iconic Ziggys Hair Studio in Dolphin's Barn. She qualified as a hairdresser at 16 while still at school, and gained extensive experience working at hair shows. "It was such good training for me when I went out in the world with clients," she says. "I still work with my mum, and find her inspirational. I am so close to her and my dad Frank."

After school at Loreto on the Green, the woman who famously told Tom Cruise that he needed a makeover, went to London to do a degree in journalism, followed by a qualification in fashion styling at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. Clare and Dara then went to Sydney, Australia, where she worked freelance for Elle magazine, and then did a make-up course here to give her training in all three areas of fashion, hair and make-up. Armed with these skills, she worked on TV programmes and shoots here and in the UK, including Ireland AM and ITV's Lorraine and This Morning. It was while working on Extreme Makeover in London that she was asked to style Ruby Wax, who was commenting on the BAFTAs for American TV channel, E!

"Ruby was interesting to work with because she has such a strong personality," she says. "I enjoyed it and felt that I could work with anyone after that experience. I was then invited to work at E! in LA on a six-week project, and Dara and I went back the following year and stayed for five years. I loved LA because I feel you can do anything there as they are very open. I got to work on great TV style and cinema review shows, as well as styling personal clients for events like the Golden Globes. I would love to go back, and my ideal situation would be to work on projects over there for a few months, and then come back and work here as well."

Clare and Dara returned to Dublin with their Maltese dog, Millie, and they now have a daughter, Ezabella Rose, who's almost 3. Her name was inspired by Eze, the town they got married in nine years ago in France. "I didn't change my name, so her name is Ezabella Rose Devereux Tallon," says Clare, who is now in her 30s. "When I put her name down for preschool, the woman there looked at me like I was mad! Having that little girl is the best thing I have ever done, and we're blessed with her. I was never overly maternal, but I'm crazy about her. She has changed my whole focus, as everything I do now is to make her life better."

These days, Clare's passion is helping both women and men with their style dilemmas, ensuring they look their best, boosting confidence, and adding a bit of glamour to regular life. She works with Great Length hair extensions, and says she loves helping new mums and older people with thinning hair problems. She's also a regular style and beauty contributor to the Tubridy radio show, creates and presents corporate style seminars, styles for bridal parties or big nights out, and provides ongoing one-to-one style management for both men and women. "Absolutely everyone can be glamorous and polished, and we owe it to ourselves, not anyone else, to make sure we are," she smiles.

Contact Clare at clare@claredevereux.ie

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