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Chic Cheat: the Khaki Parka


Mint Velvet khaki parka

Mint Velvet khaki parka

Mint Velvet khaki parka

The summer calls for a casual look that, more essentially, will also make for a nice Instagram snap while on family rambles on the beach.

These kinds of activities call for something a bit sturdy and utilitarian. And not in the utilitarian-chic mode of things, but in the 'hard-wearing, immune to toddler hands and stray drips from 99s' kind of way. We reckon this Mint Velvet khaki parka  €179, is a bit of a hero piece. It nicely channels that 'Jessica Alba off-duty' thing that we are forever trying to emulate, and the cropped style and detailing on the sleeves and pockets make it a nice departure from the usual parka, which, let's face it, has been done to death.

Mint Velvet, Level 1, Dundrum Town Centre, tel: (01) 207-9810, or see mintvelvet.com

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