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Friday 22 November 2019

'What a great message to send to the rest of the world' - Irish personalities share #MarRef feelings on IFTAs red carpet Newsdesk Newsdesk

A night after the country voted in support of marriage equality, caught up with some well known faces at Dublin's Mansion House to hear what they thought of the day.

Fashion took a backseat for a few moments on the Irish Film and Television Awards' red carpet as the Irish celebrities shared what they felt when the referendum was passed. 

"I kept pinching myself, honestly," Miriam O'Callaghan told

"But from the moment I went up [to Dublin Castle] in the morning, the sun was just shining and people had gathered.

"It was one of the most remarkable days of my life. It was just extraordinary to be there - it was like a party.

"At one surreal moment, I had Gerry Adams and Panti beside me being interviewed and I thought 'Is this for real?'"

Actress Amy Huberman said it was "a really special day in the country, for everyone."

"We went down to meet friends and it was brilliant. I was ready to get dressed up and never go home."

"It was just kind of magic - a very proud day."

Meanwhile IFTAs host Caroline Morahan said she spent much of the day "just in tears".

"It was so emotional and so wonderful. In a weird way I haven't felt that kind of group ebullient joy since Italia 90 or something.

"It's wonderful to show that Ireland is a place of inclusion of support of openness - what a great message to send to the rest of the world."

Cork actress Sarah Greene said she was "thrilled" and "very proud to be Irish".

She joked that her boyfriend Aidan Turner "celebrated the referendum by running off with another man".

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