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Weekender: Holly Carpenter's Dublin



Holly Carpenter. Photo: Ferghal Philips

Holly Carpenter. Photo: Ferghal Philips

Holly Carpenter. Photo: Ferghal Philips

I used to go out more. I was 19 when I won Miss Ireland and was going to Krystle and all that. I got it out of my system early. I say I like time to myself at the weekend, but then I'm ringing people, saying: "Let's do something!"

Getting ready is the best part of Friday night. I love laying out my make-up and popping the tag on a new outfit. Anywhere around South William Street is good. I love upstairs in Fade Street Social. I go out and come home early, when people are still making sense. See fadestreetsocial.com

Saturday mornings, I'm with Sophie, my trainer at Studio 41 on Fitzwilliam Place. I love town when the shops are just opening. We get coffee in Kaph on Drury St, or wheatgrass shots at The Juicery in the George's St Arcade. Sophie trains me like a Victoria's Secret model: light weights but high reps. See studio41.ie; kaph.ie

For breakfast I'll go to Honest to Goodness in Dame Court. They have a menu where you tick what you want, so it's great if you're eating clean. Or Balfe's in the Westbury Hotel for protein pancakes.

See honesttogoodness.ie; balfes.ie

I love Howth market on a Sunday and a coffee shop called The Grind for smoothies after walking the Head. I'll go to St Anne's Park with my dad and the dogs - Gus, Toby and Juno - all from the Dogs Trust.

See dogstrust.ie

My mum makes Sunday dinner and then I start to think about the week ahead and work. I like to-do lists because my work is very changeable and I like structure. Maybe I need to relax more.

Holly Carpenter recently judged the Great Lengths Ireland Awards. See greatlengths.co.uk/ireland

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