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WAG wars: Coleen V Rebekah could be the celeb court battle of the decade

The feuding WAGs are set to face each other in court


Face off: Coleen Rooney (pictured) and Rebekah Vardy

Face off: Coleen Rooney (pictured) and Rebekah Vardy

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Face off: Coleen Rooney (pictured) and Rebekah Vardy

It’s...... likely to be the most glamorous day that the High Court has ever seen. We’ve had WAG battles before, but they pale in comparison to the tussle that Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy are locked in.

In case the showbiz story of 2019 somehow eluded you, here’s a quick recap: After months of opening the tabloids to find stories about her private life, footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen came up with an ingenious plan to identify the ‘culprit’ she believed was leaking the details.

Blocking all but one account on her private Instagram, Rooney concocted some false rumours about a flooded basement (if she was aware of the sexual pun here, more power to her). Later, in a tale that even a seasoned soap scriptwriter could barely summon up, Rooney made up a story about a gender selection trip to Mexico. She then identified the stories as having been seen by one account only — that of……….……… fellow WAG Rebekah.

Vardy strenuously denied the allegations, pointing out that several people had access to her Instagram account. Heavily pregnant at the time, Vardy later admitted on Loose Women that she had been hospitalised over the emotional impact of the feud.

Now, Vardy has reportedly filed paperwork that claims that her ex-pal libeled and slandered her on social media with serious allegations. A court listing issued on June 12 revealed Rebekah, being represented by Kingsley Napley in London, is suing Coleen, who is being represented by Liverpool’s Brabners.


Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah Vardy

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Rebekah Vardy

It had also been reported that both WAGs held a Zoom meeting to avoid having to go to court. But the matter has not been resolved, and now a day in court looks increasingly likely. Already, it’s thought the case will cost each party well in excess of €600,000 in legal fees.

Still, we can’t help but wonder just how the latest chapter in the Wag-ileaks saga might play out. In fact, our minds runneth over with ideas of what we can expect from the celebrity trial of the decade…

The supportive husbands

Having a supporting other half to walk into court with will certainly make for a media-friendly optic, but here it’s likely that Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy will be on hand to offer genuine support to their other halves. Jamie is said to be furious at Coleen for, as one source put it to The Sun, “hanging his wife out to dry in public”. Will the lads do that awkward ‘Hiya’ shuffle outside the courtroom, or ignore each other completely? The smart money says it’ll be the latter: Jamie reportedly deleted his ex-England teammate Wayne from his Instagram and other social media profiles in a pointed snub. Awks.

The evidence

This is where — from the public’s vantage point at least — things will get interesting. Rebekah has demanded that Coleen hand over the screenshots that prove that Rebekah’s account was the only one to view the Instagram stories, as Coleen has alleged. Rebekah, too, had posted in response to Coleen’s allegations: “I never speak to anyone about you as various journalists who have asked me to over the years can vouch for.” Expect the odd tabloid hack or two to take the stand, if this is indeed the case. For her part, it’s likely that Coleen will be striving to prove her allegations in more concrete terms, by showing that Vardy’s account really was the only one that could see her fabricated Instagram ‘stories’.

The London Times also reported that Coleen and her husband received advice from a professional ‘leak hunter’ — a person who has had experience of planting stories to identify the source of the leak. It’s likely this unidentified person may also be asked to take the stand.

The pals

Annie Kilmer, an ex of UK footballer Kyle Walker, has reportedly vowed to stay completely neutral as the legal battle continues. As a friend to both women, Kilner has already told the press: “I’m stuck in the middle and it’s not nice to see this play out.”

Kilner has also spoken about the women’s respective personalities, offering a potential harbinger on what to expect from each during the court case: “Becky doesn’t air her dirty laundry but she enjoys the limelight and, as much as people judge Becky, in ­person she’s not like that,” Kilner says.

Meanwhile, she describes Coleen as being “like a closed book.”

“Coleen is extremely private and gives away very little,” she says.

Jamie O’Hara’s ex-wife Danielle Lloyd also wandered into the fracas last year, noting on social media that she’d had ‘similar run-ins’ with Vardy. Rebekah clapped back on Twitter: “Danielle Lloyd making false claims… is utter b******s. She is just fuming that I ‘didn’t get Jamie recruiting’ for her like she asked me to…”

Also at the battle line is Nicola McLean, who has come out in support of Vardy, Emile Hesky’s wife Chantelle who appears to be backing Rooney, and Lizzie Cundy, who had hoped to mediate between the pair and reportedly finds herself on the fence.

The public gallery

Stacey Solomon isn’t thought to be a close friend of either party, but has publicly blasted Coleen on-air for making public accusations surrounding leaking fake stories. Safe to assume that she’s Team Rebekah, so. In Coleen’s corner, we are likely to find Wayne Rooney’s cousin Claire, who has publicly branded Rebekah a ‘snake’ and a ‘rat’ and has rallied around Coleen.

The clothes

There’s no two ways about it — all eyes will be on the celebrity trial of the decade, and it’s quite likely that any and all WAGs in attendance will be bringing their sartorial A-game. Coleen, a lifelong fan of Liverpool’s WAG couture hive Cricket, is likely to bring the bling and the high-end labels in a bid to prove her alpha WAG credentials. Vardy, meanwhile, is likely to do a Victoria Beckham. Sources say that she has wanted to be the ‘next Posh’ for years, and she is likely to channel Beckham’s more sober personal style. Expect dark power suits and handbags the size of an average person’s weekend-away suitcase. These courtroom looks — think Panacea nightclub by way of Law & Order — are likely to go from zero to iconic in the time it takes you to say #Hunsolvedmysteries.

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