Saturday 14 December 2019

The loves of my life: photographer Boo George


Boo George
Boo George

The Irish photographer-to-the-stars chats to Chloe Brennan about his favourite people, places and things.

The person

My mother, Marie Clare. She has always been my rock, and will be my favourite person until the day I die. She is always there for me through thick and thin, rich or poor, etc.

The memory

The birth of my child, Rosie Chops, in January.

The moment of the day

Summertime in Cork at about 6am - everything about it is amazing. The view from my house is breathtaking, and the light at that time of the morning is incredible. Everything about it is incredible.

The song

The Musical Priest by The Dubliners - it reminds me of crazy barn dances inwest Cork.

The movie

Although I prefer documentaries, Days of Heaven is my favourite movie - I love the setting.

The book

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

The outfit

A pair of blue Levi's jeans with a white Levi's T-shirt, a blue butcher smock, a Gap oxford-stripe shirt, a green Barbour jacket, brown Chelsea boots and a wide-brim hat. Nothing too particular.

The accessory

A bullwhip to herd the cattle.

The gadget

My iPhone - isn't that everyone's favourite gadget these days?

The hotel

Anemomilos in Greece. The view is second to none.

The pet hate

I'm a devoted tea drinker; Barry's through and through. I can't stand milky tea.

The friend

Bobcat, my dog. I got him four years ago. He is a black French bulldog.

The hero

Peter Lindbergh, a famous German fashion photographer. He has an incredible collection of photographs.

The advice

The piece of advice I regularly tell myself and live by, is: don't worry and keep on ticking on. Things will always work out.

The drink

A pint of Guinness in Ireland - you really can't beat it. I never would drink Guinness abroad, unless it is on Holloway Road in London. Holloway Road can seem to be more like Ireland than Ireland itself. Mother Redcaps served a great pint.

The hobby

Bossing people around.

The bar

The Glynne Arms near Buckley in the UK; there is one way in, and it's easy to get stuck there.

The part of my body

My hands.

The celebrity

Victoria Beckham. I have shot her a lot lately, most recently for the cover of Vogue Spain. She once brought David, Brooklyn and Harper on set. I also have to say I am a big fan of Michael Fassbender. I have shot him in the past for Vogue UK.

The virtue

I am peaceful. I am constantly travelling all around the world with my job, going from place to place, and I find that trying to remain peaceful throughout the madness keeps me in some way sane.

The vice

It has to be my constant use of curse words. Don't worry, I won't list them here.

The smell


The taste

Turkish lamb shish with hot sauce: yum.

The holiday

Greece or west Cork. I go to Greece at least twice year, and I have a house in west Cork. I work all over the world, but I am a creature of habit.

The beauty product

Nivea Creme in the blue tin. Keep it old-school.


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