Monday 21 January 2019

The loves of my life... model Rosalind Lipsett


Rosalind Lipsett.
Rosalind Lipsett.

Elle Gordon

The Dublin model chats with our reporter about her passions as well as her pet peeves.

The person

My boyfriend, Rob. We've been best friends since high school. Friends first, lovers later.

The memory

Experiencing New York for the first time with my mother, aged 18, walking down Broadway wearing a bright-red dress and red heels. She walked 10 steps behind me, laughing at the reaction I was getting as a blatant small-town girl in the big city. I couldn't get over the height of the buildings, the different cultures and all the yellow cabs and limos everywhere.

It was mind-blowing.

The moment of the day

Night time. I'm such a night owl, and I am most alive just before I have to go to bed.

The song

I don't speak French, but I love French music. Edith Piaf singing La Vie En Rose is one of my current favourites.

The Movie

The Italian classic, Cinema Paradiso, is what ignited my love for cinema and the magical effect it can have on people.

The hero

My mother and father. I only understand now, as I get older, the extent they went to, to give us the best childhood possible. And for this I am eternally grateful.

The book

If I'm being honest, my reading has been lacking since the invention of audio books. I'm obsessed with

Audible [an audio-book app]. I just downloaded and finished I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn't) by Brene Brown. It takes me at about a month to read a book, but a weekend to listen to one.

The outfit

A Tom Ford dress. It's so chic and well made. I'll have it forever.

The friend

My brother [also Rob]. He is literally the male version of me, except fitter.

The pet hate

Negativity. It's contagious.

The accessory

Good hair and a smile.

The gadget

My iPhone. And the charger always comes along for the ride.

The vice

Chipper chips. They don't have chips like Irish chips anywhere else in the world. They're a true delicacy.

The virtue

A good sense of humour.

The hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel. I had my 30th birthday in one of the bungalows there, and I have a plan to retire in one of those.

The hobby

Painting. I love art. It's very calming and meditative.

The holiday

Two years ago, the whole family went to Thailand for Christmas. As much as I love Christmas in Ireland, I was completely wowed by the beauty of the islands, and it was lovely to spend quality time with the family when usually we are all running around to Christmas parties.

The piece of advice

Be grateful and positive.

The drink

California Chardonnay. It's that oaky taste. Someone told me it was a chemical additive, but I don't care. It's darn tasty.

The bar

The Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles. It's so old-school Hollywood. The best cocktails and people-watching you can imagine.

The part of my body

My shoulders. I've always had a thing for shoulders. I think they are a really attractive body part.

The smell

Christmas trees. A baby's head. Freshly baked bread. Petrol. The usual.

The taste

A spicy vegetable curry. The spicier, the better. I also love the veggie burger at the Sova Food Vegan Butcher on Pleasants St in Dublin.

The celebrity

Leonardo DiCaprio. I love his movies, and was delighted when he won an Oscar. I met him at a few parties in LA, and he's as nice and as charasmatic as you'd imagine.

The pet hate

Judgmental people. Judging is for Jesus.

The beauty product

An Epsom salts bath. I always feel slimmer and relaxed after one.

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