Friday 23 February 2018

The loves of my life... model Alannah Beirne


Naas model Alannah Beirne
Naas model Alannah Beirne

Elle Gordon

The statuesque 'Britain's Next Top Model' beauty from Naas tells us about her favourite people, places and things

The person

It's difficult to choose one person, as I have many, including my boyfriend, best friend and family. Living in London without any of these people is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done.

The memory

The day I got the phone call from Paul Sculfor, telling me I was in the top 12 of Britain's Next Top Model. I had never seen my dad so proud and happy for me in my entire life!

The moment of the day

When my boyfriend says 'I love you' - either by text, or call, or in person. He says it to me every day, without fail, and I get butterfly tummy every time!

The song

Jessie J, Domino. Not only did I love dancing around my bedroom, singing along to the lyrics, I also drove into school every day with my friend, Ash, blaring Domino in the car and screaming the lyrics. Everyone always wondered why we were in a great mood every morning!

The movie

It has to be Avatar; not only am I told I look like them [the blue-skinned Na'vi] - which is the best compliment - I was obsessed with watching the movie, too.

The hero

The new Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot. She is a badass hero! We need to see more strong women in movies.

The book

My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult. It's a beautifully written book about a 13-year-old who is dying from leukemia. It's heartbreaking to read, but it makes you realise how important it is to appreciate your loved ones.

The outfit

A white, off-the-shoulder, 1950s summer dress that tightens at the waist. I wear it with high-heeled brown boots. I love summertime - you can go wild with colours.

The accessory

I love anything small and delicate. A silver necklace with a small pendant looks nice with any outfit.

The gadget

I have a fidget spinner, which I got recently from a friend. It's quite like a stress ball, and my work can be stressful.

The pet hate

I hate cheaters. I have seen so many friends get cheated on. I actually caught a friend's boyfriend cheating, and it was such an awkward situation.

The virtue

Being nice; treat people as you want to be treated.

The vice

I'm a devil for sweet things like chocolate, cakes and ice cream, which is not ideal in my line of work!

The friend

Sinead. She's an incredible friend, and I am so lucky to have her. We go back to first year in school. She's the girl I call when I need a shoulder to cry on, need motivation, or have good news to tell.

The celebrity

Gigi Hadid is my idol.

The beauty product

I am a brand ambassador for Jessica Nails in Ireland, and am obsessed with the great colours and finishes. My nails were very weak, but since I discovered Jessica products, I have seen great results.

The holiday

Thailand with the girls in 2014. We travelled around for seven weeks, experiencing the culture, street food, haggling, and sleeping with animals on a farm up north. We went to a full-moon party, did some scuba diving, visited the elephants and tigers, and lots more.

The piece of advice

What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Stay true to who you are, dream big, and don't let anyone prevent you from achieving your dreams.

The drink

Hendrick's Gin and elderflower tonic with cucumber.

The hotel

My cousin got married recently in Castle Durrow, in Durrow, Co Laois.

It has beautiful, luxurious, old-fashioned bedrooms and lovely gardens.

The bar

Grace's pub in Naas. I worked there for seven years; they're like my second family.

The hobby

I love art; I love painting, and I love to draw. Whenever I have spare time, I take out my sketch book or canvas and paint.

The part of my body

I love my legs; they're super long. When I have a dress on and a bit of coconut oil and shimmer, boy, do they look good!

The smell

I love the smell of the sea.

The taste

A cup of coffee in the morning.

Alannah Beirne was a runner-up in 'Britain's Next Top Model' 2017. She is a model and a brand ambassador for Jessica Nails in Ireland


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