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The loves of my life: Mo Kelly


DJ and artist, Mo Kelly
DJ and artist, Mo Kelly

Elle Gordon

The multi-talented DJ and artist tells our reporter all about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

My husband, Mark. We have been together since we were kids. He's a musician and composer, so we're a good fit. He's also hilarious.

The memory

It would have to be a memory of my darling mother. One that really sticks with me is just before she died. She was sitting in her car in her driveway, listening to lyric fm at full volume. Maria Callas came on and she closed her eyes and beckoned me to do so, too. We listened with our eyes closed, and she said, 'There's so much beauty in the world, just listen to it!'

The moment of the day

I love cooking and so does Mark - he also trained as a chef - so it would revolve around eating and, depending on the day, maybe a nice glass of red.

The song

Being a DJ, this is kind of impossible for me. Our first-dance song at our wedding was Bill Withers singing Lovely Day, but we also all danced as a group to Hot 8 Brass Band's cover of Sexual Healing. It's a great party feel-good tune.

The movie

Alien and the subsequent Alien films.

The hero

John F Kennedy. It all started when I was six or seven. I watched a documentary about young JFK on tv. I was instantly hooked. Then his assassination was documented. I was so shocked, I burst into tears and ran into my mom, inconsolable. She gave me a book of his speeches there and then. And that was it - a hero was born.

The book

A novel that inspired a series of my paintings is Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekback. It's like a novel version of Scandi-noir.

The outfit

My wedding dress. My sisters and bridesmaids suggested we take a trip to Milan for a day to go to the designer's atelier; a magical day ensued, being fussed over by wonderfully kind Italians, and I even got a hat to match!

The accessory

Wit and good shoes.

The gadget

My MacBook Pro and my Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ controller. I reluctantly changed from all-vinyl sets a while back, and I haven't looked back - my back is happier, and it's so much easier.

The pet hate

People who walk too slowly! I'm generally stuck behind them, in heels, in a hurry and carrying something heavy. And woodlice, there's about 40 in my garden and one at the Dart station in particular - they know who they are.

The friend

I actually can't choose just one - I have a brilliant gang of mates. I'm very close to my sisters and brother and in-laws and nieces and nephews. We're a big family, but very close. A lot of love there.

The beauty product

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, for lips, eyes, eyebrows, nails, everything.

The hobby

Scuba diving. I've been diving for years. I'm an advanced diver with notions.

The holiday

Seeing Robert Plant in an open-air amphitheatre on the top of a mountain in Taormina, Sicily, was pretty awesome.

The piece of advice

Never put your tongue on a glacier - Gary Larson.

The drink

Red wine; Aperol spritz; Irish gin.

The hotel

The Cape Grace, Cape Town. My family gifted myself and Mark a stay here and a trip to South Africa for my 30th birthday.

The bar

A bar in New York, I don't think it has a name. You entered it through a phone booth in a hot dog Airstream caravan structure in the middle of a busy intersection in Soho. It was subterranean Prohibition-style, hard to find, but very worth it. Very New York. Lots of booming hip-hop - my kinda gin joint.

The part of my body

My medulla oblongata controls breathing, heart rate, etc. Never gets the props, in my opinion.

The celebrity

Sharon Horgan. She's a brilliant writer and so funny.

The virtue

Honesty. 'You're nothing if you don't have your word' - Dolores Kelly (my mom). I think humour and ability to see the funny side is a virtue. My dad is king of that. He has a great attitude to life, in that he doesn't really give a feck.

The vice

Probably gin, red wine and spritz.

The smell

Chanel No 5; it reminds me of Mom.

The taste

Truffle. I'm vegetarian, so I love, love mushrooms and earthy tastes like truffle, or pretty much any Italian food.


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