Monday 22 July 2019

The loves of my life: Laura Fox


Radio presenter Laura Fox
Radio presenter Laura Fox
Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan

The 2FM and RTE Pulse radio presenter chats to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

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Brian Moran, also - begrudgingly - known as B! He's the biggest support in my life, wild crack, and the most selfless person I've ever met, but also not afraid to call me out if I'm being a spoofer.

The memory

The Saturday of Electric Picnic 2018. I didn't realise at the time that it would be the last proper day out I'd ever have with my pal Alan McQuillan [who died suddenly in January at age 37], but it was a great one.

The moment of the day

Showering, putting on my PJs and binge-watching some useless telly.

The song

Nobody To Love by Sigma.

The movie

The Greatest Showman - I once watched it three times in one week!

The book

Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling! by Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen. I finished it in two days and was sweating for the second one. Now I'm dying for the movie!

The hero

Nono Fox, my grandmother. That's not a term of endearment, either - it's her name! She's always been front-row and centre at everything I've done; if I see the phone ringing when I come off air, it's because I've done something wrong, and she's not afraid to tell me. She's one of the wittiest people you'll ever meet and also one of the most caring - she'll kill me for exposing that!

The outfit

I spend most of the year planning my outfits for the Galway Races. My vision was to have a large Pretty Woman-style hat, and [milliner] Gillian Duggan brought it to life in the form of a red disk hat with delicate detailing. I wore it with an off-the-shoulder red midi dress from Starla Boutique, red courts and a red lip. I came home with a YSL bag after winning Best Dressed at Galway's Halo nightclub - needless to say, I was pretty chuffed!

The accessory

I'm not sure if they're an accessory, but my Platinum Hair Extensions are a game-changer. I'm on my fourth or fifth set - I've lost count! - and they just make my life so much easier, because my hair always feels "done".

The gadget

Has anybody ever said anything other than their phone?

The holiday

Mexico, last November. A gang of us headed along for our friends' wedding - Jason and Evalinda, which was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. The rest of the trip was filled with tacos and tequila, need I say more?

The food

The fish tacos from Hyde Bar in Galway, I've honestly had dreams about them.

The drink

As a born-and-bred Galway girl, I'd be lying if I said it was anything other than Buckfast - has that ever been said in the Sunday Indo before?

The pet hate

Ignorance. I have a strong rule on ignorant people - I'll always call them out on it.

The friend

Amy Monaghan. The most lovable human in all the land. She's got the most infectious laugh; I've never met a person who hasn't smiled after hearing it. Every great memory I have involves her. She's a great chum, and we have good, clean fun.

The beauty product

Mac Strobe Cream. I don't wear make-up unless I'm going out-out, but this baby is on my face every day.

The piece of advice

Work hard, play hard, and don't be a dick.

The bar

Toners on Baggot Street in Dublin. I love how non-notiony it is. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for an Instagram-worthy interior, but Toners is just great crack. A proper pub, if you will.

The hobby

The gym. Over the years, I've had a love-hate relationship with going. I used to overdo it, beat myself up about missing a day, deprive myself of any treats or good food, and then binge every weekend. Now I'm in a happy place, where some weeks I might go five days, and other weeks I might only make two days, but I don't stress about it. I'm happier, and in the best shape for me, because of it. I can't take all the credit though, it's all thanks to Max Lauth and his Amazonian Project [a tailored fitness programme], which I started last year.

The part of my body

My bum.

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