Sunday 15 December 2019

Taylor Swift's message of support to bullied teen

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Touching message from Taylor Swift to teen Hannah Webster

Anita McSorley

Kind-hearted popstar Taylor Swift sent a touching message of support to a young fan after reading about her struggle with bullies.

Hannah Webster (14) wrote to her idol on Instagram earlier this month explaining that she was being picked on and wasn’t looking forward to starting her new high school.

The Grammy-winning singer noticed her post and responded with a lengthy message opening up about her own experience of bullies.

“I hate thinking about your pretty face covered in tears, but I know why you’re crying because I’ve been in your place.

“This isn't a high school thing or an age thing. It's a people thing. A life thing. It doesn't stop. It doesn't end or change. People cut other people down for entertainment, amusement, out of jealousy, because of something broken inside them. Or for no reason at all.”

Swift went on to assure the fan that it was not her fault she was being bullied.

“It's just what they do, and you're a target because you live your life loudly and boldly. You're bright and joyful and so many people are cynical. They won't understand you and they won't understand me.

“But the only way they win is if your tears turn to stone and make you bitter like them. It's OK to ask why. It's OK to wonder how you could try so hard and still get stomped all over. Just don't let them change you or stop you from singing or dancing around to your favorite song.”

The 24-year-old then suggested that the year ahead could be a fresh start for the teen fan, who is from Lakeville in Minnesota in the US.

"You're going into high school this week and this is your chance to push the reset button on how much value you give the opinion of these kids, most of whom have NO idea who they are. I'm so proud of you and protective of you because you DO. If they don't like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.

“Every time someone picks on me, I'll think of you in the hopes that every time someone picks on you, you'll think of me... and how we have this thread that connects us. Let them keep living in the darkness and we'll keep walking in the sunlight."

This is not the first time that the star has had personal and heartfelt interactions with her fans.

Earlier this summer she took to Instagram to give a fan advice about heartbreak and she also visited a six-year-old leukaemia patient in hospital.

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