Saturday 23 March 2019

Rob whisks Glenda to Dubai for birthday

Destination Dubai... birthday girl Glenda and Rob soaking up the sun in UAE
Destination Dubai... birthday girl Glenda and Rob soaking up the sun in UAE
Claudine Keane
Rosanna loves to organise a good party
Bono is new to the art talent line-up at INCOGNITO

It was goodbye from Glenda last Friday. Or Dubai, at any rate. The gorgeous TV3 star left these shores, albeit briefly, to jet away to the United Arab Emirates with her husband Rob MacNaughton and their young child to celebrate her birthday.

How do I know this? Because she told me. "Rob surprised me with the trip for the weekend."

I asked Ms Gilson before she boarded the plane what wisdoms had she learned about age.

"I don't know if I'm any wiser but I'm very happy to be celebrating this one as a mother," said the Xpose mainstay who is on maternity leave from the show, "but I still have the live shows of Ireland's Got Mor Talent coming up soon" - indeed she is doing a voiceover for Ireland's Got Talent on TV3 this Tuesday morning - "and I'm busy designing my new jewellery collection for G by Glenda. I'm on my fourth collection.

"So I am always looking for new ideas. I'll get a few when I'm in Dubai.

"Especially now that I'm a mom, I would love to bring that into the collection."

Still on the subject of the Irish abroad, Bono was spotted on a Caribbean island with a skinny blonde.

Does Ali know? In fact, the skinny blonde is a skinny blond; and he is Bono - and indeed Ali's best friend for years - none other the internationally acclaimed artist, Guggi.

They were sighted in St Barts along with fashion designer John Rocha.

I can't vouch for whether The Simon Carmody Community were there.

Or maybe that was Simon and not Bono in the extremely unfortunate Zorro mask at the carnival on the island? Hard to tell sometimes.

Although I hope if The Carmody Community were in the Caribbean, they wore a seriously high sun-factor as Simon's paler than pale skin might prove problematic in the heat of St Barts.

So an-all-over Zorro cape might come in handy to hide sunburn, but I digress (or possibly even seethe with jealousy here in the Baltic-chilly weather on Talbot Street).

Closer to home than St Barts, Boyzone's Keith Duffy, Love/Hate's Laurence Kinlan, Brian Ormond and Mrs Brown's Boys' actors Eilish O'Carroll and Dermot O'Neill were in House on Leeson Street last Thursday night, while Sky Sport's Rachel Wyse was in Xico on Lower Baggot Street last Tuesday night.


Rosie throws house party if Ireland beat French

Rosanna loves to organise a good party

Chris de Burgh gets my vote. This is because Lady Diana's favourite singer knows how to organise a truly adult-friendly Easter Hunt. I'll let his famous daughter explain. "I will be spending Easter at the family home in Wicklow with the whole family. My dad's treasure hunts are legendary. The treasure is always alcohol."

And there'll be a party, presumably involving alcohol, at Chateau Rosanna in Dublin this evening. This beano will only happen if Ireland beat France at the Aviva Stadium later today, which the former Miss World and her other half will attend.

Assuming the boys in green beat the revolting French (don't write in all at once to accuse me of incitement to race hatred; this is a joke referencing the French Revolution of 1789) in the big rugby game today, the bash at Rosie's gaff will not have a theme ("Theme? I'm not five!"), nor will Rosie be slaving over a hot stove for her guests. "I won't be cooking anything! We can order takeaways." Does she give Wes vegetarian breakfast in bed every morning? "He loves a bit of veggie sausage!"

Would she divorce him if he ate steak in front of her?

"He eats meat in front of me all the time and we're still married," says Rosanna, who got the happy news last week when she was awarded her Master of Science degree in nutrition from Middlesex University. She is also teaming up with Lorraine Keane for the new Fashion Relief fashion show at the RDS today for Oxfam.


Mike Murphy goes upmarket on Shelbourne Road

Claudine Keane

Blaise O'Donnell (remember her?) was in The Bluebird Cafe in Shoreditch last weekend with some gal pals having dinner. The week before, Mike Murphy (remember him? Only joking - he was one of the greatest things about RTE once upon a time) and his wife Anne were in the chic new Avoca Ballsbridge Food Market, in Shelbourne Road. I'm told that Gay and Kathleen have been in as well. These two gadabouts were also at the stunning show in the Gate last week as well. Robbie Keane and his beautiful wife Claudine (above) were in Los Angeles last week to hook up with his old mucker, David Beckham, for the launch of the statue. How long can it be before they put up a statue of Robbie? He scored more goals than Becks, didn't he?


'Superstar' Bono to give masterpiece for Jack & Jill

U2 Performs At Th.jpg
Bono is new to the art talent line-up at INCOGNITO

Meghan Markle is not "anywhere near the superstar" of Princess Diana, quipped fashion designer Paul Costelloe earlier this week. When he is not stating the obvious (I'm awaiting for his next declaration that Ryan Tubridy is not "anywhere near the superstar" of David Letterman, or Bono is not "anywhere near the superstar" of Elvis Presley, or Westlife are not "anywhere near the superstars" of The Beatles, or even Paul Costelloe is not "anywhere near the superstar" of Gianni Versace), Paul Costelloe is the most charming man on the planet. (Your diarist had breakfast with him and his lovely wife and lovely children in London many moons ago.)

So, it was smiles all around earlier this week when Paul and his son William, rocked up to the launch of Jack & Jill's Incognito secret art sale at top law firm William Fry's Grand Canal headquarters. Incognito 2019 will be the biggest art sale in Ireland this year with 2,600 postcard-size pieces of original artwork being sold - each priced at €50. You might be lucky enough to get a masterpiece by the aforesaid superstar Bono, who is new to the talent line-up this year, Martin Mooney or Peter Curling but you won't know the identity of the artist until after purchase.

It is great to see William Fry support this cool initiative for Jack & Jill, whose CEO Carmel Doyle was looking super chic as she welcomed the great Paul Costelloe, dressed from head to toe in his latest collection for Dunnes Stores. Incognito will be at The Solomon Gallery from April 5-7 and at The Lavit Gallery in Cork from May 17-18.

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