Recording of Paris Jackson's 911 suicide call released

A website has obtained the 911 call placed following Paris’ suicide attempt last week where she took 20 pills and cut her arm.

The 15-year-old daughter of late singer Michael Jackson  was “awake and breathing” when paramedics arrived to the Jackson family’s Calabasas, California, home.

An unidentified woman is heard saying that the 15-year-old has taken over the counter pills and cut herself.

The dispatcher asks the woman if Paris is awake and breathing on her own.

The woman is heard replying  "I think so" followed by a "yes" - scroll down to listen to the call.

Authorities on the scene communicated that Paris "OD'd on 20 Motrin [Ibuprofen] and cut her arm with a kitchen knife”.

Paris is now undergoing medical treatment at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, the same hospital where her father Michael passed away.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Paris  wants to be completely removed from her family’s on-going lawsuit against AEG Live.

Paris is listed as a plaintiff along with her brothers Prince and Blanket Jackson in a suit filed against the concert promotion corporation.

Paris’ legal guardian-and-grandmother Katherine Jackson initiated the proceedings, claiming AEG Live caused Michael’s death by “pressuring him to prepare for his 2009 comeback concerts, despite his fragile health”.

The complaint also blames the company for hiring Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the King of Pop’s 2009 death from acute Propofol intoxication.

Paris and her older brother Prince are both on the witness list and apparently this is causing lots of stress for the troubled teenager, who attempted suicide last week.

“Paris says she absolutely wants no part of wrongful death lawsuit,” a source told Radar Online.  “She doesn’t want to be a plaintiff anymore and certainly doesn’t want to testify.

“She went along with it because she knew it was important to Katherine. Paris feels there is only one person responsible for her father’s death, Conrad Murray.”

It is rumoured that the lawsuit had a big part in making the teenager want to take her own life.

“This trial has made Paris’ life hell because of cyber bullying and she has been bombarded with negative media reports about Michael,” the insider revealed.

Her brother Prince apparently “very much wants to testify”.

“Michael relied on Prince as a trusted adviser when he was alive. Michael consulted Prince about major business decisions, and he would often accompany his dad to meetings,” the source said.

“Prince is wise beyond his years and does feel that AEG was responsible for his dad’s death. Prince has a totally different viewpoint and opinion than Paris because he was his dad’s right hand.”

The Jacksons want compensation of $40 billion from AEG Live. The business denies any wrongdoing.