Friday 19 January 2018

Rachel Allen on plastic surgery: ‘I’ll never go under the knife’

Rachel Allen
Rachel Allen
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Ballymaloe’s Rachel Allen revealed that she has never been tempted to approach a plastic surgeon and would never go under the knife.

The 43-year-old chef revealed that while weight is something that upsets her, she is content to age gracefully rather than have cosmetic surgery.

"I know when I look at myself, the only pressure I feel is for myself. Sometimes I see a photo of myself and I think, 'Who is that really bulky person? God, it's me . . . ' and I'll think, 'OK, less of the glasses of wine with the crisps'. But age-wise, youth-wise, I don't feel that pressure in the slightest. I'm not the type - I can't imagine I'd ever be interested in getting anything age-defying done to my face or body. That's just me,” said Rachel speaking to The Sunday Independent.

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"I don't think I'll ever feel the need to inject anything, or do anything. I'll probably just keep trying to get my hair done and do the flipping running on the beach. My life doesn't revolve around how I look. It's partly a political choice - there probably is a little bit of that in there - but really, I just wouldn't be bothered.

“That said, I have said to myself that I need to up my Pilates and my beach running, so I can fit into my clothes. I prefer the way I feel in my clothes when I can fit into them."

Very much her own person, and wearing her own boots and dress - Rachel Allen. Photo: Kip Carroll
Very much her own person, and wearing her own boots and dress - Rachel Allen. Photo: Kip Carroll
Coast by Rachel Allen.

The chef and mum-of-three has been kept busy following the release of her eleventh cookbook ‘Coast: Recipes inspired by Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

“The best is getting to eat really delicious food, the variety, and, in one way, it's the travel as well, which is wonderful when my family are with me,” she said.

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