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Thursday 12 December 2019

Pete Doherty explains the 'connoisseur's' rehab regime that finally got him clean

Kiran Moodley

Pete Doherty has said his most recent stint in rehab has been helpful, saying, "Even for someone like myself, who's generally not at peace, I find this quite a peaceful place".

In a video interview with, the former Libertines frontman is shown at the Hope Rehab Centre just outside Bangkok.

Doherty has spent the last month as he tries to end his struggle with drug addiction.

In 2012, Doherty was ejected from another rehab also in Thailand. In the video interview, Doherty explains what his daily routine is like at the centre.

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"It's a fairly tight regime when you first get up," he says. "There's normally a bang on the door. Although if you are detoxing they ease you into it gently.

"There's the morning exercise, which can range from the stroll round the cemetery to – well, I believe – full on combat training. Then there's a pause for reflection which leads into general group session. The mornings are quite intensive for that."

Doherty is asked about how he has found his time at the rehab centre, saying, "You'd have to be pretty internally f***ed up to not find peace here eventually. It's conducive to peace. It's kind of the connoisseur's rehab really. You find people come here when they know that they have really got to stop."

Doherty also explains that he wants to help other struggling addicts to experience the treatment he has benefited from in Thailand.

"The first thought I had when I settled down into a rhythm here was a few people I could think of who could benefit hugely from this place but probably wouldn't have the means," he explains. "So I'm just thinking of trying to scrape together a few quid really and get some good people out here who I think really do need to find some clean time soon."

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