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'Oh, I'm very cheeky,' Blake Lively admits she says absurd things


Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively

Blake Lively has revealed she’s “very cheeky”.

The 27-year-old actress is married to actor Ryan Reynolds and the pair are parents to daughter James, born last December.

Opening up about her personal life in a new interview, Blake said that one thing people don’t realise about her is that she has a frivolous side.

“Oh, I'm very cheeky," Blake told British newspaper The Independent. "People don't know that I'm cheeky. I just sound like a jerk because people would be, like, what an a**hole.

“It's just like I joke with my husband. I'm saying the most absurd things and people take me really seriously. I must have some very flat delivery. But, yeah, I think I'm a lot cheekier than people realise."

One such cheeky response was when Blake was asked what film had made her laugh the most in a recent interview.

Her answer was The Shawshank Redemption, but the beauty says it was just a joke.

"I was just ball-busting," she said. "That was a series of rapid-fire questions, if I had to answer in real life it would be Elf. I love Elf, I relate to him too much."

Blake first shot to fame as Serena van der Woodsen in hit US TV show Gossip Girl.

The programme centred around a group of New York school students who live the life of the rich and famous.

And due to the actors’ intertwined personal lives, with Blake previously having dated co-star Penn Badgley, she told the outlet that she understands why people found it confusing to separate her from her character.

"We were all good friends and some of us dated people that were on the show," she said. "We wore similar clothes and walked out and about in Manhattan. I can understand why people confused us as people with the characters, we were young and living a pretty fabulous life."

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