Thursday 14 November 2019

Norah Casey turns down dates after ending relationship with fire-fighter beau

'Transition year’: That’s what Norah Casey says she is in
'Transition year’: That’s what Norah Casey says she is in
Norah Casey and her mother Mags
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

After breaking up with her fire-fighter beau Peter Allen last October Norah Casey in no rush to hold a torch for somebody new just yet.

It is not for the want of offers, however. The entrepreneur and former Dragon’s Den mentor told your diarist that she has been asked out since her split last year.

“Yes,” she told me.

“I get some interest from men when I am out and about with my girlfriends but they’re never sure if they should be pitching their business idea to me or asking me on a date, and usually my response is — ‘I’m Out’. I’m never sure I’d get a return on my investment either way,” she laughed.

 “So in response to your question about if I am dating again— the only man in my life is a tall dark handsome 16-year-old . . .”

“Dara,” Norah said in reference to her son, “is in transition year.

 “And so am I!” she hooted. “I’m learning to love being with myself at the moment instead of being the busiest woman in Ireland.”

For next week’s Irish Tatler business magazine— the cover of which Norah appears on, photographed by her friend Barry McCall— she features 1800 influential women, she said.

In any event, Norah is currently enjoying the Easter Weekend break in Lough Rynn Castle, the swish establishment on the shores of Lough Rynn in County Leitrim with her son Dara, and other family.

“My brother has a house on the grounds. His daughter has just returned to Ireland from Canada. So he and my siblings are all coming. Dara and I are going to stay in the hotel. It is a big family reunion.”

The anniversary of her dad’s passing was last week.

“So we associate his passing with Easter. We always try to be together.”

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