Saturday 21 April 2018

My breakthrough: Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker.
Amanda Brunker.

My life has been a series of highs and plateaus. While some of my glory moments have been exhilarating, I don't think anyone ever feels they've done enough to sustain their career. If they do, they're a fool.

Stepping out on stage to accept winning Miss Ireland; hearing about landing my first book deal in the car park of Superquinn; my second deal at the side of a mountain in Kerry; hearing, on air, my first

radio play I wrote and directed . . . I've had many giddy moments that have filled my heart with joy and my pockets with cash.

But it's never enough. The struggle is my drug. I just want to create and entertain. I haven't made it yet . . . I'm just warming up.

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