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Mother-to-be Laura Whitmore didn’t want ‘some weird man selling pic of bump’


Laura Whitmore Photo: Arthur Carron

Laura Whitmore Photo: Arthur Carron

Laura Whitmore Photo: Arthur Carron

TV presenter Laura Whitmore has spoken about her reasons for choosing an all-female shoot to debut her pregnancy bump in a UK magazine last December.

The Bray native (35) is due her first baby in a few months time with her fellow ‘Love Island’ star and husband Iain Sterling.

“My best friend Dee [Moran] styled it, and it felt so empowering that it was women doing this shoot about a woman’s body. I knew that the first time the world sees my bump, it won’t be because some weird man has followed me and taken a picture and sold it.,” she said.

She decided to opt for a leather and latex ensembled in a departure from the usually demure styling for a pregnancy shoot.

“I was like, if you’re going to do it, bloody do it, get it out there, wear leather!” she said.

News of their engagement and subsequent wedding last November was revealed by a UK media organisation so the former MTV presenter was keen to control the narrative on her pregnancy.

“Last year, there was a story in the paper that Iain and I had got engaged, with a picture of me on a run with my engagement ring on – and I hadn’t had a chance to tell anyone yet. So, when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I’d want to tell people my way,” she said.

Her and Sterling, a Scottish comedian who provides the voice-over on ‘Love Island’, got married last November at an intimate wedding in Dublin’s City Hall.

But Laura told the Daily Telegraph’s Stella mag that having a tiny wedding was always their plan, whether it was during lockdown or not.

“We knew a year ago, pre-pandemic, what we wanted to do and we were lucky that we were able to do exactly what we wanted,” she said.

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“‘It worked out in our favour as a lot of people assumed we did it small because of Covid.

“I’m lucky enough to dress up for my job so, on that day, I just wanted to do it the way I wanted to do it.”

She kept her ensemble simple with a white trouser suit by British designer Joshua Kane and the fiercely-private star released a few photos from their big day on her social media.

“We weren’t going to do a big reveal,” she said.

“But then one of the newspapers got hold of our marriage certificate and ran a story and I got loads of messages from people going, ‘Congratulations on your wedding!’

“I felt guilty because people with good intentions had seen it online.

That’s why we ended up posting a picture saying, this happened, thank you for all your messages.”

The DCU Journalism graduate also cites her single mum Carmel as a big influence when it comes to achieving her goals in life.

“My mum grew up the youngest of 13 children in Catholic Ireland,’ she said.

"She had a child out of wedlock and worked full-time, which taught me that there’s nothing you can’t do. All my friends from school are doctors or teachers.

The fact that I even thought it was possible to go off and work at MTV came from my mum because her attitude was: ‘If you want to, then why not?’ “When people ask if I’m going to give up work this year because of the baby, I’m like, ‘Why? Mum did it in ’80s Ireland!’

Whitmore will release her first book next month, ‘No One Can Change Your Life Except For You’ which is described as an “anecdoatal manifeston for creating your own luck.”

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