Michael Fassbender reveals he is a huge fan of heavy metal music

Michael Fassbender: fan of heavy metal. Photo: Getty Images

Actor loves Metallica and Slayer

The star revealed he is an avid fan of metal music.

As a teenager, Michael also dressed the part too.

“When me and my friend Mike had a band I used to have hair down to my chest, ten-hole Dr. Martens [shoes] and combat shorts cut at the knee,” he told ‘The Sun’ newspaper.

“My favourites were Metallica, Sepultura and anything off Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’.”

Michael made it a point to memorise song lyrics by heart.

“I love the bit in ‘Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer’, and I worked hard to learn Megadeath’s ‘Rust In Peace’ when I was younger,” he gushed.

Unfortunately not everyone appreciates his taste in music. During meals with loved ones, Michael was reluctant to share his most cherished tunes.

“No one wants to hear Metallica at lunch,” he said.