Tuesday 20 March 2018

Lucy Kennedy: 'I couldn't work full-time - I'd miss my children too much'

Lucy Kennedy with daughter Holly. Picture: Twitter
Lucy Kennedy with daughter Holly. Picture: Twitter

Lucy Kennedy has got her hands full as a working mum-of-three, but she has revealed she always makes time for romantic nights with husband Richard Governey.

The presenter also told how she even manages to take her children to meetings at broadcaster TV3.

Lucy is mum to Jack (7), Holly (5) and four-month-old Jess, but she and Richard make a "conscious effort" to keep the spark alive.

"I couldn't work full-time because I miss them too much. I bring Jack and Holly into TV3. I've snuck them into loads of meetings," she said.

"I'm still very in love with my husband. Our children are in bed asleep by eight o'clock and we always try to sit down and have dinner together," she added.

"We have to make a conscious effort to spend time together because our days are busy. But we love it - we do everything as a fivesome."

While her household is more crowded than ever, Lucy wouldn't have it any other way, adding: "It's busier but kind of easier in a way. We really wanted a third baby and we were lucky enough to have one, so now we have that feeling of contentment.

"I feel finished, like our little family is complete. The house has always been a bit loud because I'm a loud person.

"Jack and Holly are obsessed with Jess. They just sit and stare at her," she added.

"Jess is great, she's such an easy baby. She's very laid-back. She looks very like me but her personality is more like my husband's."

The former RTE presenter joked Richard has already told her they will not be adding a fourth baby to their brood.

"He's already said to me, 'next stop, Dogs Trust'," she said. "Don't go there with a fourth one, but three was my magic number."

Lucy returns to work next month as she gears up to film the new series of Living With Lucy, which will see her move in with 10 celebrities.

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