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Leslie Ann Horgan: 'Sip Me Baby One More Time' - celebs get in on the Black Friday madness


Cristiano Ronaldo has his own plush blanket range
Cristiano Ronaldo has his own plush blanket range
Leslie Ann Horgan

Leslie Ann Horgan

Have you been up since 6am, feverish with excitement, operating two laptops and a phone at once, desperately trying to remember your Paypal and Verified by Visa passwords? Or did you spend the night shivering in a camping chair outside Power City with only a flask of tea and the dream of a heavily reduced 60in smart TV to keep you warm? Welcome to Black Friday - a day dedicated so fervently to consumerism that even Hallmark couldn't have dreamt it up.

The danger with Black Friday - besides the chance that other shoppers may go Red Wedding on anyone who stands between them and their half-price designer handbag - is buyers' remorse. Do you get carried away by 20pc off price tags? Do you prioritise price over value? Can you spot a real bargain from a bad deal?

To help you sharpen your shopping skills, below I've listed some of the premium celebrity owned products that are available for a steal this Black Friday. See if you can spot the genuine article from the genuine fakes…

1. Cristiano Ronaldo's plush blankets

Cristiano Ronaldo has his own plush blanket range

He's the best footballer on the planet with a superstar swagger, a ruthlessness in front of goal - and a secret soft side if these machine-washable signature blankets are anything to go by. Choose from his CR7 logo on one side and his silhouette on the other for €35, or a woven portrait of the man himself to cuddle up on the couch with for just €25.

2. Britney Spears' wrapping paper

The pop princess's signature black and pink gift wrap features a 'Merry Britmas' logo - €21.99 for 20m. And for dedicated fans, what better gifts to wrap up than the 'I'm A Sleigh For You' festive bauble, €8.50, or the 'Sip Me Baby One More Time' stemless wine glasses, €30 for a set of two.They're sure to add a touch of class to festive dinner parties.

3. Rob Kardashian's socks

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 25: Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner during the new Arthur George by Rob Kardashian sock collection unveiling at Neiman Marcus on May 25, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

His sisters have made millions through their fashion and beauty lines, and not to be left out, brother Rob launched his own footwear brand. The Arthur George (Rob's middle name plus his grandad's name) range consists of "stand-out, spirited, slogan-centric socks". As well as sports and wedding designs, the Christmas line includes such witticisms as 'Xmas & Chill' printed on the soles for just €13 a pair.

4. Kate Hudson's sports bras

She may be best known to you and I as an actress and the daughter of Goldie Hawn, but her website tells us that Kate was in fact "born to inspire others". Enter Fabletics - the perkily-named activewear range she co-founded to motivate women to lead active, healthy lives. Said motivation comes through €20 sexy sports bras with cut-outs and intricate straps in neons and floral prints, and a range that includes everything from fingerless gloves, €10, to a 'gym hair kit', €8.

5. Hanson's Mmmhops beer

After their clean-cut, baby-faced stint at the top of the charts in the late 90s, Isaac, Taylor and Zac went back home to Oklahoma and set up their own brewery. Their bestseller is the Mmmhops pale ale which boasts a "unique toasted malt signature and a refreshing hoppy finish". The 7.5pc beer is €6.99 a bottle - and each one comes with a free Hanson song download.

6. Ellen DeGeneres' vegan dog food

The brand owned by the chat show host and her wife Portia de Rossi, Garden of Vegan dog food - €65 for 25lbs - is made from GMO-free chickpeas, whole grains and vegetables. The meals and treats are suited to families following a vegan lifestyle who want to share the goodness with their dog. Makers Halo claim its products have superior digestibility to other brands, as per its slogan: "The proof is in the poop."

(So, how many fakes were on this list? NONE. All of the above are real celebrity products - and potential Black Friday bargains. So get shopping and help line the pockets of those who really don't need it this Christmas!)

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