Tuesday 20 February 2018

Katie Price: Even hair extensions couldn’t stop my husband having an affair while I was in labour

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

A distraught Katie Price has revealed that her efforts to make herself "glam" for her cheating husband were futile.

Former glamour model Katie turned to her hairdresser for support after her baby’s emergency cesarean last August.

As Jett was premature, Katie gave birth to him in France while on a family holiday.

While her husband Kieran took part in "sordid sex sessions" at their holiday villa with her best friend Jane, hair stylist Mikey Kardashian was there to comfort 36-year-old Katie.

Katie recalls “On the day that Jett was born, Kieran came to visit me but he was in a rush to go back to the villa and had already left when doctors suddenly burst into the room and told me, ‘you have ten minutes to prepare for an operation.’”

The model turned business woman admits she thought of her son Harvey as she was wheeled into the operating theatre, and worried she was “doing this on her own again”.

“I saw Kieran briefly in recovery where he showed me a picture of Jett...he said ‘I’m going now’ and I thought to myself ‘what the hell is going on,’ there isn’t one time I remember him saying ‘well done babes, we’ve had a baby.’”

Behind her back, 27-year-old Kieran, a  former stripper, was having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney (49) back in the luxury villa that she was paying for.

“I felt so vulnerable after the birth and all my worst insecurities came back to haunt me. I thought, ‘I need to get myself glam again for Kieran to notice me’ so I called Mikey and flew him over to put my hair extensions back in,” Katie told the Sun.

Allowing tears to fall, she added “I was with Mikey the first time I saw Jett properly. He pushed me up to intensive care in my wheelchair.”

The mum of four, who is currently pregnant with Kieran’s child, challenged her cheating husband for his lack of interest to which he slammed her for “creating s*** for nothing”.

Stuck in hospital for a further four days, she “flew in people for nails and eyebrows” in order to put on a brave front.

Days previously, married Jane and Kieran shared their first kiss as they all prepared to go on a road trip across Europe.

“I was packing up my house lorry with cases when they kissed for the first time and their affair began. Now I feel like an idiot. There I was, eight months pregnant, driving hundreds of miles over two days while my husband sat in the back with his mistress- my best friend.”

Katie said the first time she sensed something was not quite right was when her usually conservatively dressed pal arrived at the pool wearing a Hello Kitty vest top and shorts.

The affair went on for almost a year before they were caught kissing on another family holiday in Cape Verde earlier this year.

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