Katie Hopkins speaks out on childhood obesity: 'Parents of fat children should be prosecuted for child cruelty'

'Somehow in this horrible society of ours, being fat is seen as kind of acceptable'

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The ever-controversial Katie Hopkins has incurred the wrath of her critics once again after claiming parents of obese children should be prosecuted for “child cruelty”.

The comments were made in an interview ahead of her upcoming TLC documentary My Fat Story, which is due to air in January.

The former Apprentice star gained almost four stone in weight for the film, to ‘prove’ that overweight people should “stop blaming everyone else for problems they can control”.

In footage from it, she was seen crying as she recited what she had eaten in a day, before saying “This is a stupid project. I hate fat people for making me do this.”

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Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

In another vitriolic rant released by TLC on Christmas Eve, Hopkins said: “If I see the parents of fat children, I have no inhibitions about pointing them, telling them, looking them in the eye and saying: ‘You've got a fat kid, it is your fault, you are miss-treating your child, this is child cruelty.

Hopkins also insisted she had “no problem” reporting the parents in question to social services.

“Somehow in this horrible society of ours, being fat is seen as kind of ‘chubby’ or ‘acceptable’ or kind of ‘cuddly’.

“Well, it’s none of those things, that is child cruelty right there. The fact that we are now selling plus-sized uniforms for kids in schools is absolutely abhorrent to me.

“That is child cruelty and you should be prosecuted.”

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