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Monday 16 September 2019

Kate - Talking about money is a 'bit vulgar'

Kate Winslet. Photo: PA
Kate Winslet. Photo: PA

Complaining publicly about the Hollywood gender pay gap is "a bit vulgar", Kate Winslet has said, adding that she finds it "quite strange" to hear A-list stars such as Jennifer Lawrence talk openly about money.

Last month Lawrence, one of the world's highest-profile actresses, published an essay about being paid less than the men around her.

Other actresses have previously commented on gender equality issues, with the likes of Dame Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep criticising the paucity of roles for women of a certain age.

In an interview with BBC Newsbeat about her new film, Steve Jobs, Winslet said she was "perfectly capable of standing up for herself" when it came to gender equality and questioned why people felt the need to talk about money in public.

"I don't like talking about money. It's a bit vulgar isn't it?" she said.

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